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Against all odds: Student Leap from a Level 2 Portfolio Course to a MA Degree

Single parent and upcoming artist Farah Ishaq, set to inspire all with her success story…

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Art and Design student, Farah Ishaq, from Waltham Forest College, beat all odds with her acceptance offer from the University of East London to study MA in Fine Art.

Having just completed two Level 2 City & Guilds courses in Printmaking Techniques, Farah applied for the MA with encouragement from her tutor after producing such high standards of Art display in her portfolio.

Another contributing factor was her inability to obtain financial support for an additional degree, as she had previously gained a BA (Hons) degree in History.

Her financial situation as a single parent and homeowner on a very low income also played an important part in her decision to take a shot at the MA scholarship at UEL.

Farah said: “Coming to Art accidentally in my 30s has been an exhilarating process. I found it quite surreal when my tutor encouraged me to apply for a Masters in Fine Art, let alone being accepted.

“Investing in my career to be an educated artist is a valid and valuable way forward based on my self-initiated success so far as a freelance worker and local artist.

“By the end of this course, I will ensure I am an established studio artist and my daughter and I will be in a far more superior position to now.”

Farah visits galleries and exhibitions for contemporary and contextual inspiration almost every week. She is recognised in her local community, wider London and abroad for her artwork input into the local scene.

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