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Are women being given the same opportunities as men in the UK tech industry?

In the dynamic landscape of our technology sector, women are increasingly making their mark, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping the industry’s future.

Despite historical underrepresentation, women in tech are carving out space, driving innovation, and advocating for greater inclusivity.

But while the UK tech industry continues to flourish, with London often dubbed as the European tech capital, gender disparity persists.

We know that women make up only a small fraction of the tech workforce, with Women In Tech (UK) reporting that just 26% of tech roles in the UK are currently filled by women.

This, coupled with the alarming stat that 3 in 4 women working in UK tech roles have experienced some form of gender bias, further highlights the disparity between males and females in this industry.

Jessica Cheney of Just IT says that this issue is one which is of great importance to her and the IT apprenticeships provider, which she says they’re aiming to tackle head on.

“Creating an environment that’s supportive of empowerment and development of female talent in the core tech IT arena has long been a focus for us as an organisation.

“Technical IT roles have a major under representation of female talent, but we have seen major success stories from our partnerships that are leading the positive change to make this type of role more accessible.”

Other issues facing women in this industry include the 16% gender pay gap, which is much higher than the national figure of 11%, as well as the fact that 77% of senior tech roles are filled by men in the UK.

So how can we better attract women into tech roles, and break down any barriers for those looking to enter this industry?

We aim to highlight this, as well as the opportunities available for women to enter the tech sector in the UK in our latest Women in Tech insight paper

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