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Assessments and off-the-job training continue for apprentices

@NewburyCollege #Apprentices continue to blaze a trail despite #Coronavirus disruption 

Since the recent outbreak of the coronavirus forced many schools and colleges to close their doors, Newbury College has worked hard adapting the delivery of off-the-job training for apprentices, so that they can continue to blaze a trail and stay safe as they learn. 

College tutors and the senior business team are in constant communication with learners and employers. All have worked hard to adapt classroom delivery to online classes.

Jo Houghton, Director of Business and Partnerships, said

“As a business, we have been incorporating flexible learning technologies alongside the development of the University Centre Newbury. The current situation has moved things along quicker than expected, but we have been extremely impressed at how well tutors and learners have adapted to online learning”. 

Online classes have enabled many apprentices to continue their off-the-job training, supported by the businesses they work for, and allowed Degree Apprentices to successfully carry out their End Point Assessments via remote access with their examiners. 

Student Governor and HND Engineering Student, Matt Grimston added,

“The tutors worked diligently to organise the online tools into a usable framework for us, with their presentations and resources sitting within that. Our meetings and lectures are now all virtual, but we can call and message our lecturers as needed, which works fantastically. Everyone has had to learn quickly but by using the resources, and of course the tutors’ hard work, we are now in a situation where we can continue in a different environment but with no change to quality. Thank you to all of the staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure our education continues without hindrance in this unpredictable world.” 

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