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Barton Peveril Physicists Celebrated in International Competition

Six @BartonPeveril Sixth Form College students were successful in the international British Physics Olympiad, which has been extended to include institutions abroad, this year. The six students earned one Commendation, two Bronze II Awards, a Silver Award, and a Gold Award between them.

The British Physics Olympiad requires students to sit a series of papers that test their knowledge beyond the A Level syllabus. This year 1,616 students from 270 schools participated from the UK and from schools overseas (and a further 2,000 students in China).

The Awarded Students

Former Wyvern College pupil Lucas Carr received a Commendation in the annual competition. Former Crestwood Community School James Kingswell and Wyvern College graduate Toby Wolverson each received a Bronze II Award, whilst Wildern School leaver Richard Ballad earned a Bronze I Award. Emily Chini-Foroush, previously of Noadswood School, was awarded a Silver for her scores in the series of challenging papers. Upper Shirley High School’s former pupil Thomas Gilbert secured a Gold Award for his effort in the competition.

Speaking on Success

Emily Chini-Foroush, who received a Silver Award in the national competition, commented on her success:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to take a paper with challenging questions that pushed me beyond the A-level content. I’m pleased with my result and look forward to tackling similar problems in the future.”

James Kingswell also commented on the competition:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, since it allowed me to choose from a variety of very unique problems – there was one in particular which I felt deeply compelled to try, so I think it is a great opportunity to find creative and interesting ways of applying your knowledge of Physics beyond the scope of the curriculum.”

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