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Basingstoke College of Technology to Host ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ Event

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) have announced a ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ half day event on Wednesday the 27th March for staff in the further education sector seeking to gain insights into how technology is helping to reduce workloads and deliver transformation in learner engagement.

BCoT is widely recognised as a pioneer in the use of technology that has positive impact and the event will bring together innovators from across the sector along with industry leaders to share insights and resources that others can apply quickly with impact.

The event is supported by the AoC, JISC, Century Tech, Global Vocational Skills Ltd and education cloud specialists C-Learning.

Principal and Chief Executive Anthony Bravo said:

We are thrilled to be hosting this half-day event. The purpose of the day is to share some insights with colleagues across the sector  around proven technologies that can make a positive difference, and to enable those attending to connect to some of our leading technology industry partners. At BCoT we are committed to deploying and embedding technology where it can make a positive difference and we will be sharing our approach in using technology to streamline processes, reduce workload, and enhance learner engagement. We are increasingly implementing technologies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with a cloud first strategy, to ensure our learners benefit from industry relevant technology. Our learning experiences must enable learners to prosper in rapidly changing times where the ability to adapt with confidence isn’t optional and we will be sharing some learning resources that enable this as part of our commitment to sharing good practice across the sector”.

C-Learning CEO Ian Nairn commented:

We are proud of our relationship with colleges like Basingstoke College of Technology who have a demonstrable track record of taking a cloud first approach to teaching and learning and using technology intelligently to make a positive difference. This event will be another great opportunity for colleagues across the wider college sector to come together for a few hours to share insights and make new connections that will help their individual digital journeys and along with JISC, the AoC and wider the C-Learning team will be available to answer questions or signpost people to resources available to them for their own digital journeys.”

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Jamie Smith, Executive Chairman at C-Learning said:

BCoT is an inspiring college that is transforming the life chances of its learners using technology wisely to support this mission, and has an ever increasing trophy list to prove it as winner of the 2018 TES ‘Outstanding use of Technology for Improving Teaching Learning and Assessment’ award amongst numerous other accolades. You can feel it when you spend time there as the college is always buzzing with staff who have an infectious enthusiasm and forensic ambition to innovate in a way that has a positive impact on learning. Colleagues like Scott Hayden, a digital innovation specialist and lecturer at BCoT and a TES ‘Teacher of the Year’ award nominee is continually driving forward innovative teaching practice using his skills as a Google Certified Innovator and wider to deploy solutions like Google Classroom or augmented and virtual reality technologies to enhance learning. Scott also has a team of brilliant digital innovators around him. Those attending this event will get chance to connect with many of the BCoT team to gain insights into what is working well at BCoT so they can apply some of the tools and techniques in their own colleges. The more we enable the cross-pollination of different ideas that are working, the better enabled colleges will be to face an uncertain future with greater confidence. It’s great that BCoT remains committed to sharing insights with the wider sector and playing a leading role in helping as many colleges as possible to harness digital solutions that have positive impact and the C-Learning team are proud to support this mission.

The event is free to attend for those working in the college sector. 

About Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT): Located in the centre of Basingstoke, Hampshire, on Worting Road, BCoT has a demonstrable long-standing track record of offering learning and skills solutions to both students and employers using digital technology enabling learning beyond the conventional classroom. Lecturers use tools such as Google Classroom, online materials and platforms such as YouTube to enable cloud first, mobile learning. The college has a dedicated digital team to support staff in harnessing the power of technology to ensure that learning is aligned to industry need.

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