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Best Part-Time Jobs for Students Whilst Studying

With the student population returning to university, the lifestyle of studying, nights out, and little sleep begins. This doesn’t only take its toll on the bags under your eyes. It also takes a toll on your bank account. This has led to many students asking parents for more money or resorting to getting a part time job. In this article, we are going to be looking at which are the best jobs for a student still looking to juggle studying, sleep, and a social life.


This is a classic job for students, and for good reason. The job offers student-worthy perks, such as reduced prices on drinks outside of work hours. The pay averages at £6.35 per hour, which is above the national minimum wage for 18-20 year olds, and the job offers benefits above the wage such as tips. The social aspect of a bar means that there is potential to meet groups of students while doing your job. Plus, as the weeks go by, your popularity will increase!

This role allows for flexible work hours to fit around your schedule and peak times. Plus, the work teams are often comprised of fellow students, so there is a social aspect to working there too.

Baby Sitting

Although this isn’t a standard job, it is a good way to make money, with a high return on hours meaning there is the potential for a decent weekly wage. There is potential for returns of around £25 per night for a couple of hours where a lot of the time you can plant yourself in front of a television or complete some studying.

Many families are more than happy to host students for meals— use this opportunity to mention your eagerness to babysit their children. There are other ways to land yourself a babysitting role, but this is the most direct method. There are also websites and apps dedicated to this, but that does mean some of the revenue goes to these corporations. Make sure to ask for recommendations if you want to increase your job opportunities. However, families usually remain loyal to one babysitter, so you will likely have a regular income.

Babies aren’t the only beloved family members people need someone to look after for a few hours. Dogs walking is a good option for students too! Not only can you make money, it can relieve stress and be enjoyable. There’s a slightly lower pay for this role in general, but both can be done to increase how much money is being brought in.

Taxi Driver

If you own a vehicle, then why not look into becoming a delivery or taxi driver? Students are no strangers to getting a taxi or an Uber home from a night out, there is a large demand for these vehicles no matter what day of the week.

If you are happy to work the later hours, then there is a lot of money to be made. Apps like Uber have made being a driver much easier and accessible. This is one of the most flexible jobs you can get, as you only work as and when you need to.


No matter which university you go to, there will be many other students in need of a tutor. Making it into university suggests there is at least one subject you are specialised in that you can tutor to others. Maths and English are the most in-demand subjects, however there is a need for every subject to have its tutors. This is regular pay that has a very good hourly rate, and being a tutor generally means you can have weekly appointments that suit your timescales too.

Barista/ Waiting Staff

Whether in a café or in a restaurant, both have potential for tips as bonuses over the hourly salary. Although being a barista may require a bit of training, waiting jobs are all relatively attainable without prior experience. Not only do they have a decent wage and hours that can be arranged to suit you, they also promote social interaction and people skills.

The average hourly pay for a waiter comes out at £6.56. The tips involved with this can bring this up massively especially in peak hours. This is a common job for students due to its flexible hours and social interaction. Hotels are a great place for finding this kind of work, as they’ll often have a variety of in-house facilities which require waiting staff — from restaurants to cafes and deli-style areas. In the heart of the Lake District, one of the newest hotels in Coniston village recently held a recruitment fair promoting part time (and full time) positions, ideal for students at the nearby University of Cumbria campus in Ambleside.

Retail Cashier

Grabbing a job at a supermarket is a great idea, as staff perks mean you get to enjoy reduced prices on shopping there. As a student, this is very important as money is often tight.

Another great place to work is in a bookstore. If it is local to the university, they are likely to stock some of the textbooks and other material that you are going to need throughout the year. If you can get a job here, once again, there will be price reductions for employees. All those costly textbooks needed for the course will be much cheaper for you than your course-mates!


University is a step towards starting a career. While studying a subject, what better job is there to get than one within the sector you’re studying in?

If you are doing photography, a good option is as a wedding photographer. Reputation is key in this industry, so you will have to start small and offer lower prices to begin with. However, even at half of the standard price, this can still amount to upwards of £700. Of course, you need to be good at what you do and trusted, so beginning with friends and creating an album to share beforehand is essential.

If you’re looking to go into medicine and nursing, becoming a nursing assistant would be a great place to start. Flexible hours and a decent wage mean that it will be enough for keeping up the balance, as well as assisting with your CV and education.

For maths students, a part-time role in accounting would be perfect. Though hours may not be as flexible, there are some institutions that are keen to take on students studying such subjects for a part-time role.

There are other examples for this kind of work for nearly all career paths. Take a look through any job site and you’re sure to find something within your subject’s career path.

With student fees increasing and inflation occurring, it is often essential for students to make money whilst studying. There are more options than ever for students to get a job, with each one listed having its own benefits for those looking to widen their life experience and independence.

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