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Bramble technology supports Tutor The Nation’s expanding tuition mission


Bramble, the live online tuition platform, is set to play a key role in tuition charity Tutor The Nation’s next stage of development.

The Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative (CTI) officially merged with Tutor The Nation (TTN) on 1 July, with tutors and students currently operating under CTI invited to move across to TTN.

The move will create a significantly expanded TTN, with more than 500 volunteer tutors providing one to one tuition to a GCSE or A level student from September.

And the majority of this tuition will be delivered using the Bramble live online teaching platform.

CTI, which has been a committed Bramble user since it was launched in March 2020 in response the pandemic disruption, has delivered more than 51,000 hours of free tuition, all delivered via Bramble’s live, interactive platform. 

An evaluation of the impact of CTI’s online tuition commissioned to mark the organisation’s merger with TTN showed that more than 80 per cent of students gave CTI’s online tuition a four or five out of five rating for its impact on their academic progress.

TTN’s aim is to continue providing free one-on-one tutoring to pupils in the state sector and to tackle long-standing problems of social mobility. TTN’s focus will be on literacy, numeracy and motivation.

The charity is appealing to university students and post-university graduates to volunteer for an hour a week to support young people who continue to suffer from the effects of the recent school closures.

Emily Woolf of TTN said: “We’re looking forward to building on CTI’s remarkable achievements, made possible by dedicated volunteers using Bramble technology.

“Our tutors have found Bramble really valuable. The functions offered by Bramble, allowing students and tutors to easily search and review recordings of previous sessions, has been invaluable. This feature also gives us peace of mind for safeguarding.”

Will Chambers, co-founder of Bramble, said: “We’re really pleased to be supporting Tutor the Nation in this significant phase of its work, providing them with the technology and additional support, via our discounted charity rates, that will enable them to help children and young people whose education has suffered from more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions.”

Usage of the Bramble live online tutoring platform surged from 100,000 hours in April 2020 to more than 1.5 million today as tutors, tuition organisations and schools adopted the platform to support learning throughout the pandemic disruption.

The Bramble platform is also used by a number of tuition providers involved in the government’s National Tutoring Programme.

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