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Breaking down barriers to education: Multiverse meets Perlego

@JoinMultiverse, the online apprenticeship platform partners with @Perlegobooks 

Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive – regardless of their bank balance or background. That is why Multiverse, the online apprenticeship platform has partnered with Perlego – the world’s largest online library – to provide Multiverse apprentices with free access to over 600,000 textbooks.

Through Perlego’s online library of academic resources and tools, the partnership will remove financial barriers to entry and making education accessible to all.

Turning over a new page 

Nothing epitomises the financial barriers to academia more than the sky-high cost of textbooks. Rising every year, the cost of these tomes is a major factor in pricing people out of the education they deserve.

Perlego is making this a thing of the past. Their online library of academic titles provides an affordable (and sustainable) solution for learners around the world. By partnering with publishers and doing away with the prohibitive cost of printing, distribution and retail markup, they offer students unlimited access to learning resources through an affordable, flexible subscription service.

Free access for Multiverse apprentices 

Through this new partnership, Multiverse apprentices will get a free access window to Perlego’s library of more than 600,000 professional and academic titles. These cover more than 900 topics. So, whether it’s an essential guide to Python for a data apprentice or a CEO’s memoir for an aspiring entrepreneur, the vast library offers something for everyone.

Multiverse founder and CEO, Euan Blair, said:

“There are still significant barriers to education at all levels, and we’re committed to giving a broader and more diverse group of people access to the very best resources. Alongside the one-to-one coaching, applied learning, and highly active community our apprentices already benefit from through their programmes, we’re excited to work with Perlego to support their access to some of the best non-fiction and textbooks from around the world.” 

Perlego founder and CEO, Gauthier Van Malderen, said:

“Through our partnership with Multiverse, apprentices will be able to access any book on any topic – from aviation to zoology. Not only can they access their course books online, they’ll also be able to discover new topics that interest them, or build on their professional skills. 

“Multiverse is building an outstanding alternative to university, and we’re pleased to offer their apprentices the alternative to the university library – that has exactly the books you need, whenever you want them, with no fees.

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