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Breakthrough LGBT+ Education Guide Launched for Primary Children

Today Pop’n’Olly (@PopnOlly) launched their first non-fiction book: What Does LGBT+ Mean? – A Guide for Young People (and Grown Ups). The first book of its kind, designed to help primary teachers, parents and carers introduce and educate primary aged children about LGBT+ topics including identity, gender, sexual orientation, privilege, discrimination, allyship, pride and more.

The book is available to buy worldwide from the Pop’n’Olly website from today. The book is also being stocked by a number of UK bookstores and distributors. This 40-page introductory guide is split into 14 sections that each provide key information about LGBT+ topics.

Pop’n’Olly Director & co- author, Olly Pike, explained his personal motivation for writing the book:

“I know first-hand that growing up LGBT+ is not easy. I felt lonely, anxious and ashamed. This book will not only help countless LGBT+ children and young people, it will also help create countless more future LGBT+ allies.”

“Our aim is to revolutionise LGBT+ teaching in schools and provide educators with the tools they need to combat prejudice, whilst promoting positivity and acceptance.”

Equality educator, PHD student and co-author, James Canning added:

“I wrote this book because it’s the book I wish I’d had when I was a child”.

The 2020 Growing Up LGBT+ Report from Just Like Us states that 48% of pupils in schools have had little to no positive messaging about being LGBT+ at school and 74% of those pupils have contemplated suicide or self-harm. Despite the recent changes to the RSE Government guidance regarding mandatory teaching about LGBT+ relationships in schools, educators still claim they have very little access to LGBT+ resources.

Mel Lane, an experienced primary school teacher from Dorset, teacher trainer and co-author notes that “this book will revolutionise teachers’ ability to talk confidently about LGBT+ to young people of all ages. It will spark discussions, build self-esteem and foster a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment in the classroom”.

Initial reactions from testers and proof-readers of the book are full of praise; from teachers to children and child psychologists.

What Does LGBT+ Mean? A Guide for Young People (and Grown Ups) is just the latest addition to six other inclusive fairy tale books by the author as well as hundreds of LGBT+ videos, worksheets, lesson plans and other resources from Pop’n’Olly.

As well as working with schools across the UK and beyond, Pop’n’Olly have also donated 5,000 copies of their existing LGBT+ books to schools through their ‘Kenny Lives Campaign’.

Katie Turner, Year 6 Teacher, London
“This book contains everything I need to cover the new curriculum, with examples and explanations that really make sense to children.”

Jon Keeler, Inclusion Leader
“The children loved the bright colours and brilliant illustrations and they kept referencing back to the Pop ‘n Olly videos that we have used throughout the year in our assemblies”

Treasure, Aged 10
“I learnt that different people use different pronouns and how to respect them. I really liked the book and how it explained things. It was Terrific!”

Lukas Dressler, Psychologist (MSc.)Integrative Psychotherapist (MBACP) for Children and Young People
‘If you are a counsellor working with children and young people and/or the LGBTQ+ Community I definitely recommend this book!’

David Braniff-Herbert, National Education Union
‘Educators trust these resources, not just for their pupils, but for their own children too.’

Tom Waltham, Teacher, Overthorpe CofE Academy.
‘Our children love Pop’n’Olly stories which really help make sense of important concepts. The easy to download resources make my life as a teacher super easy and saves me so much time. I wish all stories came with quality resources like this!’

Lady Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Executive Director and Co-Founder of UK Black Pride
‘Olly’s work will help to shape the hearts and minds, not just of children, but of parents too.’

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