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Brockenhurst College event promotes the ‘Feel Good 5’ elements to staying happy and healthy

A college-wide campaign to help students at Brockenhurst College maintain a healthy mind and body took place last week.

Over three days, students participated in various events relating to elements of the ‘Feel Good 5’ – rest, nutrition, support, sleep and exercise.

Students were invited to attend workshops to learn stress management techniques and help them deal with anxiety, particularly during exam season.

The College’s sports department offered important advice on health, fitness and nutrition, and students could attend classes on yoga and relaxation.

Key agencies and charities including Mind and Citizens Advice were also on site to raise awareness about issues such as mental health, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, bereavement, young carers and homelessness.

Student Lucy Smith said: “I really believe in the importance of keeping your mind and body healthy, especially when you’ve got the added stress of revision and exams.

“I learned some new relaxation techniques this week, which I will definitely use,” she added.

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