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Business Woman Reveals what it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

A leading entrepreneurial businesswoman reveals her tips to succeed in business in the latest podcast from Connexions Derbyshire, in partnership with the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) East Midlands.

Emma Harrison is chairman of A4e, a leading private training organisation and market leader in social reform. Emma founded the business in 1986 and it is now a truly international business operating in markets around the globe.

In the three-minute interview with an animated online character, Emma reveals what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Emma says: "Think of something that you’re really, really interested in. Find something that makes you angry or something that makes you frustrated and that you think you can do better. That could be the start of a good business.

"If you get passionate about it you’ll start to build the business. If you’re just doing it because you want to make money then you’ll fail. But if you’re chasing something that you want to make better you might just build a business out of it."

Mick Brown, area director, LSC Derbyshire, says: "Emma’s message is that you need drive and passion to get on in your career. She has explained what you need to be a successful entrepreneur. I think that young people can take heart from Emma’s experience and recognise that whatever you want to achieve is achievable with self belief, passion, drive and determination."

Hugh Hastie, chief executive, Connexions Derbyshire, adds his support: "This podcast is a ‘must see’ for all young people considering a career in business. Emma’s straightforward advice is considered and practical and she makes it clear that you need to be passionate about your future to succeed. We hope the podcast helps bring young people the success they want."

The podcast – funded by the LSC – is downloadable from the Connexions website at

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