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Caitlin Dilley Secures Prestigious Pharmaceutical Apprenticeship in Germany

Caitlin Dilley

Neath College A-Level student Caitlin Dilley has been accepted on a ‘Pharmazeutisch-technische Assistenz’ (Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant Apprenticeship) course at the BS-06 Berufliche Schule in Hamburg. Caitlin, who studies A Level German, Biology and Chemistry at Neath College had to complete a challenging application form in German to be accepted onto the course at the vocational college. She was then interviewed online in the target language leading to her sitting a language proficiency exam at B2 Level, which she passed with nearly perfect marks.

This is what her German tutor, Kathleen Phillips, had to say:

“We are very pleased that Caitlin has been accepted onto a Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant Apprenticeship course at a vocational college in Hamburg, a prestigious college specialising in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and Agriculture. This is to be particularly commended as Caitlin embarked on her Advanced Level Course with no grounding in the subject at GCSE level.”

Caitlin said:

“I have recently been offered a place on an apprenticeship course in Hamburg, Germany. The apprenticeship is for the role of a Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant and will allow me active involvement, including dealing with patients, whilst simultaneously studying pharmaceuticals. As this course takes place in Germany, I needed to have sufficient German knowledge at B2 level, as well as evidence of my engagement with a variety of topics relating to Biology and Chemistry concepts.”

“I was thankfully able to achieve all the requirements and my studies at NPTC Group of Colleges really helped with this. The AS /A2 German course helped me to get my grounding in the language which I had never studied before, and my Biology and Chemistry lessons founded a love for the field. I hope to gain knowledge and experience through this course and aspire to start university in Germany as my next step.”

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