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Can Online Music Tuition Help Students To Learn An Instrument?

Online Music Tuition

According to the @ABRSM, 62% of children have had lessons to learn an instrument, but less than half of adults. The way that lessons are delivered is changing however, and so too are the processes of learning, and this has encouraged many older students to take up music. Over the past decade, technology has enhanced how we can learn music, in particular through some very effective apps. Many music teachers are also embracing online tuition. This has been positive for students who may not always be able to attend face-to-face lessons, or who want to learn a specialised style with a tutor that lives far away. Online music tuition definitely can help students to learn an instrument, but it is also important to understand that it is not for everyone, and there can be limitations. 

Complete beginners

For complete beginners who are starting out learning to read music, there really is no substitute for having face-to-face lessons. A teacher needs to be able to demonstrate to students how to sit or stand, how to best hold the instrument, mouth shapes for blowing (in the case of brass and woodwind instruments), and a good hand shape (if learning the piano or guitar). A good teacher will also be pointing to the notes on the score as the music progresses. This is more difficult when lessons move online. The exception to this is if a student is not learning to read music (often the case with singers), or perhaps only focussing on guitar tablature and chord symbols. 

Older students

Online lessons can be a good way of learning for older students and more experienced music students. It can also be a good way to brush up on skills that perhaps there isn’t always time to cover during a face-to-face music lesson, such as music theory. If you are a student choosing an online music course, it is worth spending time researching instrumental and singing lessons that focus on your musical goals. Perhaps you want to learn jazz notation, or you’re preparing for an instrumental exam, so it is important to find a course or the right tutor that will cover what you want to learn. The online learning process can be very immersive – not only can you have lessons, but you can also join a forum with other students, join a social media group, and gain feedback from your tutor via email. 

What will I need for online lessons? 

For online lessons, it is absolutely essential for both student and teacher to have good internet connection. 41% of teachers providing online lessons say that their lessons are hampered by poor connection, which results in audio and video streaming not being adequate. An instrumental teacher should have at least one device with video capabilities – preferably two in the case of the piano so that the student can see both the teacher and the piano keys from above. Students will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with streaming software

Learning online can be a good way for older or more experienced students to learn an instrument. However, no matter what form music lessons take, a good student will always need to practise to improve. 

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