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Cardiff and Vale College – still the only Microsoft Showcase College in Wales

In a time when more and more people are working and learning from home using information technology, @CAVC has retained its title as the only @Microsoft Showcase College in Wales.

The ever-changing nature of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions has meant that CAVC has moved to a blend of remote learning and face-to-face teaching. Microsoft Showcase College status reinforces and reflects the College’s commitment to and expertise in digital learning.

The status signifies that Cardiff and Vale College is an innovator in the Welsh Further Education sector and that it has a strong digital strategy. This strategy is crucial during uncertain times as it means that the College can carry on teaching no matter what happens.

Microsoft Showcase College status also reflects the expertise of staff across the College and their enhanced digital skills on the latest teaching and learning technologies to support students. Using the latest tools, information and technologies helps prepare learners for the world of work, meaning they can add instant value to any employer.

The status also means that CAVC has access to a wide range of additional applications such as Pickit, Soundtrap, Kahoot Premium and many more. The College also has access to exclusive workshops, resources and events to enhance the learner experience.

All students at CAVC, whether full-time or part-time, receive their own personal Microsoft account and approved copy of Microsoft Office for all of their devices to support learning in college on campus and online at home. The main base for online teaching for most courses is Microsoft Teams, usually alongside sessions on campus, to learn.

Cardiff and Vale College E-Learning Manager Hannah Mathias said: “Our partnership with Microsoft ensures we are able to provide a safe, accessible and really engaging way of learning for all students online as well as on campus. It is easy to use for young students coming straight from school as well as adult learners. We are all used to watching and learning new things online and interacting with each other in this way, so most people find it really natural to use.  

“We use Microsoft365 and its packages like Teams and Outlook, which is also the most used platform in businesses across the world. Whatever course, all students therefore leave college as confident users of Microsoft technology, which provides a real added skillset that employers value.”   

Kay Martin, Principal of Cardiff and Vale College said: “At Cardiff and Vale College we truly believe in the benefits of learning both on campus and online and Microsoft Showcase College status confirms it. We are hugely proud of the amazing facilities we have and the experience we can offer students on campus, and balancing this with an element of online learning for all has always been our direction of travel.  

“Our work with Microsoft and our digital skills strategy offers more flexibility and for many a better college-life balance. It also provides all students with a significant additional skillset that employers value. Recent months have accelerated our digital journey and the response from students of all ages has been excellent, with very positive feedback and end of year results.  

“During uncertain times, providing students with this mix of online and on-campus learning means we can commit to offering a great, supportive and consistent learning experience whatever happens.” 

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