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Celebrating female apprentices breaking the mould in their field #IWD2019

Sammi Grimshaw (second from right on middle row) surrounded by her colleagues at CCS Media in Bradford.

Sammi’s smiling as she sells!

As we mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re looking at some of the women working on our apprenticeship programmes that are breaking the mould in their field.

Twenty-year-old Sammi Grimshaw from Wilsden, near Bradford, is very proud to say she’s just completed her Technical IT Sales apprenticeship with her employer CCS Media, and national training provider, Remit Group. In fact, Sammi didn’t just pass and complete her qualification, she qualified with a distinction. 

“I’d been in a job since I left school, and was working all hours running a bar, when I decided to look for something that gave me better hours, something to work towards and a good salary,” said Sammi. “This opportunity with CCS and Remit was the first one I saw when I put in some applications and it looked interesting.”

Now a Junior Account Manager at CCS Media, selling all of the technology products and services that support businesses to operate and be successful , Sammi admits she wasn’t always part of the IT crowd.

“When I went along to the recruitment day, I thought I didn’t have much chance, as I couldn’t even use Excel, never mind understand what customers might need from an IT firm.

“I think it was my willingness to learn and my ability to communicate well with people and sell that enabled me to get the role. Since then I’ve been learning as much as I can about our products. I don’t need to be an IT expert, but I know what I need to know in order for me to do my job well – and I got a distinction in my qualification, which I’m really proud of. “

The IT Technical Sales apprenticeship takes a 13 months to complete and enables individuals to achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification.

Sammi concluded: “With my apprenticeship, and all the weekly training courses we do with manufacturers, I feel like I’m constantly learning, bettering myself, and building my knowledge. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and although I’m not completely sure where I’d like to be in five years’ time, I know I’m happy for now and will continue to do my best and work hard, using all the skills I have learned as part of my apprenticeship.”

Sammi’s Development Coach from Remit has visited her regularly throughout her qualification, to help her build her portfolio, and support her through her training.

Catherine Jamieson, Digital Skills Trainer at Remit Group, said: “Sammi is a fantastic example of how our apprenticeships can prepare individuals for a career they perhaps had never considered before. She is extremely competent in her role and well thought of within the organisation. Sammi’s ability to sell comes naturally, but she has worked really hard to understand the products she is selling, the clients she works with, and the industry she is working in.

“There aren’t as many women traditionally working in the IT industry, but Sammi proves that the sector appeals to everyone, whatever your skillset and interests, if you have the right attributes, are bright, and willing to learn, you can do incredibly well.”

Rob Omar Sales Director at CCS media said: ”At CCS Media we are proud of our apprenticeship programme, and now have three well established academies throughout the UK.  We have recently signed up over 40 new apprentices to our latest cohorts.

“It is still the case that women, and those from ethnic-minorities or socially-disadvantaged groups, are consistently underrepresented in the technology sector. This is something we have changed within CCS and we will continue to lead the way within our industry.

“We are thrilled for Sammi and all our recent apprentices that have completed their level three apprenticeships.  They can look forward to a thrilling career at CCS Media for years to come. “

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