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CHG-MERIDIAN UK awarded place on the CPC leasing framework

CHG-MERIDIAN, a non-captive specialist in technology management and finance has been selected as an approved Lessor on the leasing services framework offered by The Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), one of the leading education framework providers in the United Kingdom.

Daniel Talhadas, Head of Sales Public Sector & Partner Management “After successfully supporting the UK public sector for over 35 years, CHG-MERIDIAN UK are pleased to announce we are one of a limited number of Lessor’s to be chosen by The CPC to join their leasing services framework. Education and public sector institutions are able to work with CHG-MERIDIAN UK knowing that we have been scored and approved to sit alongside the current equipment supply frameworks, enabling them to create and realise their technology asset life-cycle goals.”

In order to be successful CHG-MERIDIAN had to demonstrate our quality of services, contract management and where CHG-MERIDIAN UK can provide added value. By securing a place on the framework this allows education and public sector institutions to enter into a lease with CHG-MERIDIAN with the upmost confidence that they are doing so with an accredited supplier. CHG-MERIDIAN were awarded full marks for our quality of services and contract management, which equates to 90 percent of the total score.

Deputy Principal, further education and CPC member commented: “For us our IT provision is a large and continually rolling project; we constantly need to review the products, suppliers and replacement cycles of every piece of equipment. We source equipment through tendering and we market test for our provision of finance. For almost a decade we have developed our relationship with CHG-MERIDIAN UK and they have become our primary finance provider. We need to make the right financial decisions, and when you are in an established relationship you can hold sensible discussions and obtain the flexibility we feel is important to us. In our dealings with CHG-MERIDIAN UK we have never been stung by a cost at the end of term, despite the heavy use of our equipment. We are very busy with contracts around May/June time. CHG-MERIDIAN UK recognise and respond to the extra attention the College needs during this period. You don’t always get that with a service relationship!”

The Public Sector team within CHG-MERIDIAN UK has over 40 years of experience helping those within the sector achieve their ICT refresh and financing goals. CHG-MERIDIAN UK considers the public sector a key market and has built up a considerable portfolio of ICT leased equipment in the UK as well as across Europe. In the UK alone, CHG-MERIDIAN leases IT equipment to more than 500 local authorities, schools, academies, HE/FE establishments, universities, and other public sector entities. CHG-MERIDIAN UK work to ISO principles and is a member of the Finance & Leasing Association as well as a recognised Lessor on a number of leasing frameworks with approved documentation and lease rates – particularly in the area of operating leases.

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