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College guest talks events management

Helina Thompson

@barnsleycollege Travel and Tourism students had the chance to learn about life, careers and opportunities in the events management industry with Helina Thompson @thehutgroup

Helina Thompson, Head of Events at The HUT Group, virtually came to the College to talk about events management, the logistics of planning and staging events in a virtual word, how COVID-19 has impacted the industry and the future trends of events.

Helina also discussed her experiences of volunteering, working in events agencies and working for organisations such as Don’t Panic Projects, HGA Creative, BBC Children’s, Make Events and The HUT Group. Students took the opportunity to ask questions related to their assignments, career choices and progression within the events management industry.

Helina said: “Virtual events have played a big part for us, and we have had to change our approach to events management by having different priorities such as checking cancellation policies and Wi-Fi capabilities.

“Some events have gone back in time with the relaunch of drive-in cinemas, music concerts and Santa grottos. With COVID-19 and safety measures in place we have had to figure out what we can still do whilst creating those enhanced experiences people crave.

“My advice is don’t be afraid to join the industry, we have faced many challenges but the skills we have learnt this year will make us even better event managers.”

Andrew Hallott, Travel and Tourism Tutor at Barnsley College, added: “We were grateful and thrilled when Helina spoke to our students about the opportunities available to them within the events management industry. I’d really like to thank Helina for sharing her vision with our students.”

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