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Colleges reopen for more students this week

@EducationGovUK are encouraging Headteachers to invite back more pupils before the summer, where they have capacity to do so 

Since yesterday, schools and colleges have been welcoming back Year 10 and 12 students for some face-to-face support to help them prepare for a return to the classroom from September. Settings are using a range of approaches to allow a quarter of students in at any one time. 

Schools and colleges can invite young people who are not yet returning to on-site provision in for a face-to-face meeting before the end of this term, where it would be beneficial and as long as this happens in line with wider protective measures guidance. This time can be used to check-in on students before a return to school or college in September, or moving into employment or the next stage of education.

Primary schools in England are to be given greater flexibility to invite back more pupils, but only if the school has capacity within existing guidelines and if protective measures are in place.

Children in early years, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 began returning to classrooms on 1 June, with over half of primary schools open to at least one of these year groups as of 4 June.

Updated guidance published today (15 June) gives heads and school leaders the ability to invite back additional children if – having invited back the pupils in eligible year groups – they are able and feel ready to do so within the existing guidance.

Schools will have flexibility to decide which additional pupils to prioritise for return, provided existing guidelines are followed and protective measures are in place, including limiting primary class sizes to no more than 15 pupils.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“I want to make sure as many pupils as possible can get back into the classroom and be reunited with their friends and teachers before the summer, to support their wellbeing and education.

“We have a range of protective measures in place in schools to reduce the risk of transmission and I would like to encourage primary schools to invite more children back if they can maintain those existing guidelines.

“I would encourage parents to take advantage of a place if they are eligible, and I’d like to thank teachers and staff for all their hard work as we take the next step in our phased and cautious approach to returning all children to school.”

The Department has published the latest data on attendance in education and early years settings. Attendance statistics are published on a weekly basis, looking back at the previous school week. This week, data is available up to 11 June. The figures for this week will be available on Tuesday 23 June.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“It is encouraging to see so many primary schools opening their doors to more pupils and thousands of children returning. I want as many children as possible back in the classroom, with their friends and teachers.

“We expect these numbers to continue to grow gradually over the coming weeks, and primary schools now have the flexibility to invite back more children if they feel ready and can do so within the existing guidance.

“Schools have done an incredible job adapting to welcome back more children, which will continue as secondary schools and colleges reopen for more students this week.”

Our narrative continues to focus on comparisons between Thursdays to maintain comparability with previous weeks. Comparisons are made between Thursday 11 June and Thursday 4 June.

Around 70% of schools respond to the education settings survey. Before being published, the figures are adjusted to provide a national picture.

On Thursday 11 June, approximately 92% of education settings were open in some capacity, up from 91% on 4 June.

Approximately 67% of settings usually open to children in nursery, reception, year 1 or year 6 were open to at least one of these year groups on 11 June, up from 52% on 4 June

Attendance was highest in year 6, with approximately 26% of all year 6 children in attendance on 11 June, up from 19% on 4 June.

Attendance was around 20% in year 1, up from 13% and 22% in reception, up from 15% on 4 June.

We estimate that on 11 June, 234,000 children were attending early years setting, up from 166,000 on 4 June. This represents about 14% of the number of children who usually attend in term time.

We will continue to support schools who haven’t yet been able to open more widely to do so as soon as possible.



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