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Costa x SCL
  • New transformational leadership programme launched nationally last month
  • SCL Professional working to support Costa Coffee to deliver great customer experience across the UK as the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop 
  • Executive Director of SCL, Fiona Hawksley said ‘It’s a privilege to work with Costa Coffee as their apprenticeship solution provider and be a key driver of their government funded strategy to shape the future of their workforce.

Last month saw the launch of a ‘first of its kind’ programme for both Costa Coffee and SCL; a transformative leaders programme focussed on developing professionals of the future. It was a moment of celebration for both organisations as learners onboarded to begin their journey on an apprenticeship programme modernised for large future-focussed organisations.

Costa Coffee are known for their great tasting coffee, but they also know what good customer experience looks like. As the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop, creating ‘cosy moments’ across the UK, they understand that their people are key to delivering great customer experiences, from bean to cup.

SCL began consultation with Costa Coffee in 2022 to consult on their strategy to grow their apprenticeship offering across the UK and to future-proof their organisation.  

Ruth South, Global Talent Development & Apprenticeships Lead said

“I want to thank SCL for their passion, agility and creativity. It’s been incredibly refreshing to meet a provider that is thinking outside of the box in the apprenticeship world. We are excited to do something really different here”.

SCL are on a mission to modernise apprenticeships across the UK and working with Costa Coffee, who have over 20 million consumers, is a perfect fit. With similar cultural values and a shared understanding that people are key to business success, the Costa Coffee and SCL Partnership has flourished to develop a unique first of its kind programme.

“It was vital to us that these programmes were developed to be flexible to Costa Coffee’s workforce needs – both nationally and beyond, with a high focus on driving performance and instilling skills for the future.” explained Head of Client Partnerships, SCL, Mark Hill.

Built on Team Leader Level 3 and Operations Departmental Manager Level 5, The Transformative Leaders Programme uses apprenticeships as a platform to build experiences that unlock high performance in both individuals and organisations.

“We believe that together, we can drive a unique, first of a kind programme that will have a significant impact on our team members and Costa Coffee. We would also like to explore the opportunity of how this can become a next step for international colleagues looking to develop high performance skillsets” explains Ruth, Costa Coffee

Martin Knight, Innovation Director, SCL said,

“As we welcome Costa Coffee’s team members onto this new transformative programme, we cannot contain our excitement. It is another giant leap forward for us in our mission to change the face of apprenticeships in the UK working with incredible clients like Costa Coffee”.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship solution provider, please get in touch to find out more about how we can collaborate. Working across the UK to build transformative experiences using apprenticeships as a foundation, we are looking for likeminded organisations to launch modern future focussed programmes. Visit to find out more.

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