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Coventry College barbering student makes the cut with new business

Baldesh “Bally” Singh graduated with a Level 3 Diploma in barbering in before establishing Tayper & Ballä in Coventry city centre

A Coventry-based barber has returned to Coventry College’s City campus hoping to inspire a fresh crop of hairdressing talent.

Baldesh “Bally” Singh graduated with a Level 3 Diploma in barbering in before establishing Tayper & Ballä in Coventry city centre earlier this year.

Now students at Coventry College have received valuable insight into what it takes to become both a skilled barber and successful business owner.

Bally took some time out to do some barbering demonstrations for students while sharing his own personal journey of how he made the cut as a professional barber.

“You have to be passionate about what you’re doing,” said Bally. “For me, barbering is not only what I do but it’s who I am – it’s definitely a way of life.”

While he cannot imagine doing anything else, Bally hasn’t always worked in the hair-cutting industry.

“Before I started my training, I was working for a national bank – but it didn’t stimulate me,” he said.

“Barbering gives me the chance to express myself in a way that an office job wasn’t able to.”

The barbering industry is one of the fastest growing in the UK, as men – and women – across the country continue to opt for traditional style barber shops over modern unisex salons.

“I think what we’re seeing is a preference for somewhere which feels familiar rather than exclusive; a place where people can develop long-lasting relationships,” said Bally.

“As a barber, I’ve seen first-hand how my work can make people feel better about themselves and even boost their morale. It’s a great feeling because not only do you feel proud of what you’re doing, you also get to interact with people on a personal level, not just as clients.”

While his desire to train as a barber may have stemmed from a passion for sharp lines and gradual blends, it is necessary for students to learn the fundamentals of hairdressing – and according to Bally, Coventry College is the perfect place to do this.

“The course tutors taught me the importance of learning the rules before carving out my own style,” added Bally.

“Barbering is a creative profession and everyone has their own unique style, but it’s crucial that you understand the basics.”

Coventry College’s one-year Level 2 Diploma in Barbering provides students already working in the hairdressing industry with the opportunity to learn new techniques, while the 35-week long Level 3 Diploma course builds on these skills and focusses on career progression.

Equipped with everything required for a successful career in hairdressing, Bally then set out on a path that would eventually lead to him running a successful city centre barber shop.

A part time job at a well-known barber shop in Rugby soon became a full-time position. But such was his appetite to learn and develop, he would also head into Coventry city centre on his days off armed with his scissors and a chair where he would offer free haircuts.

“I couldn’t get enough! The more experience I got, the better I became, but ultimately it was driven by a passion for barbering.

“The most important advice that the tutors gave me was ‘you’re only as good as your last haircut’. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before, your reputation is vital. You can’t afford to be complacent.”

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