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Coventry University psychologist talks about coping strategies for A-Level students dealing with disappointment of poor results

The latest school results released this week have smashed records in terms of distinctions achieved, and many students and their families are jubilant as they consider the next steps forward, whether it’s securing a university place or moving on to an apprenticeship.

However, there is another reality – that of disappointment – for thousands of students who did not manage to achieve their desired grades. With the news this week dominated by stories of the achievements of others as well as competition for university places, it goes without saying that this is also a difficult week for students nursing disappointment, along with their families.

Rachel Moliter, Psychology Lecturer at Coventry University with research interests in Parent and Child Emotionality, Feeding and Eating Behaviours, is available to talk about coping strategies for those who have not been as successful as they would have liked.

Rachel understands the plight of these students all too well, having come from a family where anything but perfection was not good enough, and had always felt pressure to succeed. She can talk about how these young people could try and see the longer term picture, despite social media pressures.

If you would like to interview Rachel, please get in touch with Chofamba Sithole on [email protected] or call on 07557 425 047.

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