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Do you receive workplace perks? Two thirds of education professionals don’t!

A study conducted by CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, has revealed that nearly two thirds (65.2%) of education professionals don’t receive workplace perks and benefits. This is despite a resounding 89.1% of workers in the industry believing that perks are important at work.

The survey of 1,200 UK professionals found that there were certain perks workers in the education sector are keen to receive, including 45.7% wanting flexible working. Despite this, only one in four (25%) are offered flexibility in their working hours.

What’s more, it found that while 50% of education professionals do receive staff discounts, only 30.4% value this perk. The study found that the top workplace perks professionals in the industry are after are:

  1. Flexible working – 45.7%
  2. Free food – 37%
  3. Staff discount – 30.4%
  4. Mental health days – 26.1%
  5. Free exercise classes – 23.9%

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments: “It’s an alarming statistic to find that nearly two thirds of education professionals don’t receive workplace perks. Extra benefits are an important part of a job offer and certainly contribute to your enjoyment in a role.

“When looking for a job in this industry, it’s important to have an idea of what you want from it. This may be a decent pay package, suitable progression opportunities and certain perks such as flexible working or a strong pension scheme. This means that you can find the employers and jobs that best suit your needs!”

The top workplace perks caterers currently receive are:

  1. Staff discount – 50%
  2. Company devices/mobiles – 31.3%
  3. Flexible working – 25%
  4. Free food – 12.5%
  5. Social events – 12.5%

Biggins continues: “If it isn’t immediately obvious from the job advert or the company’s website whether they offer additional benefits to employees, be sure to ask in the interview. What’s more, in 2019, we know that pay isn’t the be all and end all. So when it comes to negotiating a job offer and the package falls short of your expectation, note that there may be some wiggle room on the workplace perks.

“Our latest job market data revealed that there were plenty more jobs available in the industry last month, so be sure to make the most of your education job search by looking for employers that offer perks!”

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