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Dremel extends DigiLab range for schools and colleges with 3D40 Flex #BETT19

Dremel DigiLab has unveiled its latest 3D Printer, the 3D40 Flex, in Europe for the first time. The 3D printer features a number of enhancements that make it ideal for schools and colleges, including a new flexible build plate.

The flexible plate eliminates the need for tools when removing a completed design; when you bend the plate your latest print simply pops off.

The 3D40 Flex offers two other significant upgrades on the printer’s predecessor the 3D40; a higher print resolution that enables more intricate and detailed designs and 30% faster printing in draft mode. Speedy and accurate printing is ideal for schools, where a printer may be required to produce large numbers of designs quickly.

Launched at The Bett Show in the UK, the 3D40 Flex is the perfect 3D printer for the teaching environment. Easy to use and with advanced safety features the printer comes with a suite of software created specifically for students and is available at a price of only £1.269,99.

3D printers are fast becoming essential equipment for European schools, because of their dual function helping young people develop the skills they will need in the modern world. 3D printing is a tool used in many industries from engineering to health care, and as a teaching aid that helps bring lessons to life.          

Key features

The 3D40 Flex has been designed as a safe, easy to use and cost effective way for schools and colleges to allow students to bring their creative visions to life. Turn on the 3D40 Flex and it is ready to go, with intuitive instructions on the 3.5” touchscreen and a construction that can cope with hours of continuous use.

The 3D40 Flex’s fully transparent enclosure means that students can safely watch as their design takes shape. The printer also uses PLA filament – an environmental-friendly, plant-based plastic that is easy to use and ideal for students. The filament comes in eleven different colors – white, black, red, orange, purple, blue, green, silver, gold, transparent and now pink too.

John Kavanagh, Global President, Dremel said: “We’ve seen a lot of use and success with our previous 3D printer models. As we continue to learn about digital fabrication, it’s important to introduce new innovations to better suit the classroom and makerspace settings. This is what led us to 3D40 FLEX. The printer will help with complex and practical applications, perfect for educational usage. It’s a safe, reliable option for Makers of all ages and skill levels and incorporates a lot of smart design elements to enrich the experience.”

Dremel DigiLab will be showcasing the DigiLab 3D40 Flex printer at The Bett Show, from 23rd-26th January 2019. Come and see Dremel’s suite of printers at booth B406.

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