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Edge Hill’s International Centre on Racism gives students a voice in the fight against racism

BLM Protest

@EdgeHill’s International Centre on Racism (ICR) is calling on all students and staff to help address global questions concerning racism. @monitoracism #BLM

The research centre held an internal launch event which looked at the question ‘#BLM: What Must We Do Now?’ with talks from students and staff involved in improving inclusion and diversity at the University.  

This event comes at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement is shaping political debate in the USA and has inspired communities in the UK and throughout the world to take action against racism. 

Professor James Renton

Professor James Renton, director of the ICR said: 

“The 2020 Black Lives Matter protests have put racism and intolerance at the top of the political and social agenda. I know Edge Hill’s students and staff will be able to help the ICR in our mission to research and tackle all forms of racism.”

Nuku Somevi

Nuku Somevi, the Director of the Student Union Multicultural Society, said:

“I’ve been really inspired by the sense of community and togetherness that has come out of the multicultural society. It was great to be able to share my experiences at the ICR’s event and I can’t wait to work with them to improve inclusion further at Edge Hill and tackle racism in wider society.” 

The centre was created to continue Edge Hill University’s long history of tackling anti-racism and extensive history of racism studies. During the 60s and 70s the University’s then Principal, PKC Millins, was at the forefront of national efforts to use education as a means of improving race relations.  

Now the ICR will be spearheading international anti-racism efforts supported by a global team of experts in Europe, North America and Australia. 

Deputy-Director, Dr Jenny Barrett, added:

“The ICR brings together academics, students and anti-racism campaigners from around the world to shine a light on racism and intolerance.  We are planning a range of discussions and conferences throughout 2021 looking at how racism can be addressed in academia and wider society.” 

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