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Engineering Apprenticeship kickstarts career change

Martyn Samuel completed his education with Sawston Village College and Long Road 6th Form, with aspirations of a career in IT. After achieving his A-Levels in Maths, IT and Media, Martyn decided to enter the industry but securing a role was proving difficult, with a ‘lack of experience’ being a common theme in the feedback he received. To address this, Martyn took a 6-month placement with Sartorius Stadium BioTech, and this proved to be the boost that he needed. After his placement, Martyn secured full-time employment and spent five years working in the IT industry. 

Martyn said, “I found it a real struggle to get on to the career ladder. I had the qualifications but no experience. Once I had identified a way of gaining relevant experience things became much easier. Sadly, I found that I quickly reached the experience ceiling in IT and felt that the potential for progression within the industry was limited.”

Martyn added, “I felt like this was my last opportunity to retrain. My personal situation meant that I was able to take the hit of an apprenticeship wage to gain the qualifications I needed. I have been very lucky. My employers are invested in apprenticeships, and I feel confident that I could progress as far as I would like to within the industry.”

“Studying with CRC has been a great experience. The tutors are very supportive, and it feels as though we are listened to. The highlights for me are the practical learning experiences. I find that seeing something working in practice helps to make sense of the theory. Our study group works well together to direct the way in which we are taught. “

“The Level 2 Engineering apprenticeship gives you an insight into the different areas of engineering and as a result I am finding that I am leaning towards Electronics as a specialism. The more I work in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the more confident I feel in pursuing this as a career.”

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