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Exam results 2021 – important information regarding appeals

If any learner wishes to submit a review of their results, please do this online.

You may request a centre review and subsequently appeal to the awarding body where you believe an error has been made in determining your grade.  You must state clearly where you believe an error has been made.  As grades have been awarded based on a holistic judgement, underpinned by evidence, there is no review of marking or review of moderation service in summer 2021 by the awarding bodies.  The focus is on the holistic grading judgement rather than the marking of individual assessments.

Review requests can be made on the following grounds

  • Administrative error – where you believe the wrong grade/mark was recorded
  • Procedural error – where you believe a reasonable adjustment/access arrangement was not provided, where eligible

There are three stages to the process

  • Stage 1 – Centre review
  • Stage 2 – Appeal to awarding body, following centre review
  • Stage 3 – Appeal to EPRS, where applicable, following stage 2

For WJEC grades provisionally released in June, there is no Stage 1 appeal for review at this time, reviews are only available at Stage 2 ( to those that applied to Stage 1) or had grade changed by WJEC.
For those of you receiving your grades for the first time, Stage 1 of the appeals process applies.


Priority Review – If you are sitting on an offer from a university or a place on a degree apprenticeship, you must apply for your review by 4pm on 15 August 2021.  You will need to give us your UCAS ID, and inform your preferred university that you are undertaking a review
Non priority reviews should be submitted by 4pm on 19 August 2021
These dates reflect the time taken for the College to review the evidence and come to a decision.
Before submitting for a review, please read the Board guidelines carefully (links below).  Please consider carefully, during a review, that results can go up, stay the same, or go down.

Board Appeals Guidelines
WJEC A/AS / Level 3
WJEC GCSE / Level 2
AQA, OCR, Pearson A level
Pearson BTEC
OCR Technicals

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