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Exclusive data reveals the best places to do internships in the UK

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  • With a world of opportunity sitting at the feet of graduates, it can be difficult for students to know where they should be looking for the right experience 
  • New data analysis reveals the cities with the most highly rated internships,  as voted by previous interns
  • The results revealed that Newcastle has the highest-rated internships in the UK followed by Nottingham and Glasgow
  • London had the highest-paid internships on average, however, interns could earn a very similar amount in Glasgow 

In the last month, Google searches for ‘internships’ have increased by 22% to 6,000 searches per month while TikTok has seen 4 million views for the hashtag #internships, as more and more students look for opportunities to increase their work experience ahead of the new university year.

To aid job hunters in finding their next opportunity, the student placement review website, RateMyPlacement, analysed internal review data from the last year to reveal the top ten locations for internships according to previous interns.

The Places with the Best Rated Internships in the UK

The results showed Newcastle has the highest-rated internships on average, with 4.74 stars out of 5. This is followed by Nottingham (4.73) and Glasgow (4.72). Further analysis also shows that over 30% of the Newcastle internship reviews were for the Accountancy and Tax sector, making it the best location to look for this industry.

City / townAverage star rating

When choosing an internship or placement, salary is ultimately a deciding factor, too. The RateMyPlacement study analysed the best paid internships to reveal where interns can make the most money. 

The Places with the Best Rated Internships in the UK Based on Salary

City / townAverage salary (£)

Oliver Sidwell, Co-founder of RateMyPlacement, commented on the analysis results, “Industries have come a long way from unpaid internships and expectations for work experience to be voluntary. Now, there is scope for students and prospective interns to find a role to suit them and their target industry all across the UK. 

“Our analysis not only champions the intern’s voice and opinion, as our website aims to do, but it highlights where interns can get the most for their earned money. For example, while London internships are unsurprisingly the best paid, interns might be better off in Glasgow – where the cost of living is significantly lower and the average salary is only £355 less than the average London salary. So this research can really offer some guidance when the choices are overwhelming.”

For more breakdown of internships in the UK visit the RateMyPlacement site.

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