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Executive Development Network announces launch of inclusive leadership apprenticeships

Jill Whittaker

The new level 3 and level 5 apprenticeships aimed at leaders across sectors will offer comprehensive management development with a focus on equity in the workplace as it’s revealed over 80% of workers are more attracted to an organisation with a progressive company culture

Leading training and apprenticeships provider Executive Development Network (EDN), a training division of HIT Training Ltd, today announced the launch of an inclusive leadership apprenticeship. The new programme aims to empower leaders to develop strategies for creating a diverse, inclusive and modern workplace culture, as well as analysing difficult subjects such as imposter syndrome.

The development of these programmes follows recent research from EDN that found 83.3% of employees are more attracted to working at an organisation with a progressive company culture. When asked what more their workplace could offer to enhance its benefits package, responses from employees included training in areas such as diversity and inclusion of ethnic minorities within the workplace (19.8%), LGBTQ+ inclusion (17.6%) and understanding the impact of menopause (19.4%)

Jill Whittaker OBE FCA, CEO of Executive Development Network, said:

“One of our main goals is to raise the standards of leadership, which has been the driving force behind the development of these new apprenticeships. DEI goals need to be the top of every business’s agenda, as inclusive workplaces not only face fewer retention issues, they also see increased productivity. By arming leaders with the toolkit to make positive change, companies can create a robust and inclusive work environment. These new courses will give leaders throughout all levels of a business the skills and strategies to tackle the challenges of their teams and understand the importance of inclusivity.”

The programme is run as both an enhanced Team Leader/ Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship (aimed at entry-level or mid-level managers) and an enhanced Operations Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship (aimed at mid-level to senior leaders).  Both courses include work to dissect and break down archaic management practices, how to deal with co-workers and business structures that are prejudiced and the benefits of promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

At the end of the course, successful learners will become ambassadors for equity and inclusion at their organisations and for the rest of their careers, promoting the power of diversity in the workplace.

More information on both courses can be found on the EDN website: Inclusive Leadership Level 3 and Inclusive Leadership Level 5

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