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First cohort of Uzbek students start at UWC schools globally

ERIELL Group and Enter Engineering get involved throughout Uzbekistan’s participation enabling gifted Uzbek students to widen their horizons and study overseas.

ERIELL Group (“ERIELL”), an international oilfield services group, and Enter Engineering (“Enter”), one of the largest EPC contractors in Uzbekistan are pleased to announce the first cohort of students from Uzbekistan have begun their studies at United World College (UWC) schools globally, with the organisational and financial support of both companies.

The colleges’ interest in Uzbekistan’s students follows the positive international impression made by the country in recent years due to its values, its increasing openness, its culture, and its overall economic and social progress. UWC values ensure that students receive grants, if required, to cover the cost of education. Financial support to the first students from Uzbekistan is provided by ERIELL and ENTER.

Bakhtiyor Fazylov, Chairman of ERIELL Group and Enter Engineering, said:

“UWC students are global, from all backgrounds and walks of life – from refugees to royalty. It is a global movement using education to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

“I congratulate the eight students who by hard work and determination have secured the marvellous opportunity to study at a college with representatives of over 80 countries, and where they will represent Uzbekistan for the first time.

“It is important for me and the ERIELL and Enter team to support the young people of Uzbekistan to gain a prestigious international education and build a peaceful and stable future via their efforts.”

Via Uzbekistan’s National Committee – established with the help of the National Committees of Russia and Armenia – and led by Nigora Ibadova (Advisor to the Chairman of ERIELL and Enter and Head of Uzbekistan’s National Committee) ERIELL and Enter have been involved at every stage of Uzbekistan’s participation, in an influential volunteer role. The companies have organised and managed various assessment stages, travelled to learn from international UWC facilities, and interacted with potential schools. 

Recently, this culminated in the final assessment stage from which students were ultimately selected – and for whom new international horizons and life experiences now lie ahead.

The rigorous, inaugural application process overseen by ERIELL and Enter resulted in all of the Uzbek students being accepted to their chosen colleges and eight students will soon start their education at UWC schools in the United States, Canada, Italy, India, China, Hong Kong, and Armenia.

ERIELL and Enter are strong supporters of Uzbekistan’s initiatives to develop its international relations, invest in its younger generation, exposing them to international influences and cultures – so the potential of its country and its citizens can be fulfilled. ERIELL and Enter hope this is the first of many cohorts to venture overseas and flourish. Applications for the second cohort will commence shortly, in mid-September 2020.

Founded in 1962, UWC’s network now has 10,786 students from over 160 countries in their 18 schools on four continents. UWC schools complement the high academic standards of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which UWC helped develop, by prioritising experiential learning, community service, and outdoor activities.

UWC’s President is HM Queen Noor of Jordan. Its alumni includes Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister, and recently appointed Finance Minister of Canada and Jostein Solheim, former CEO of Ben & Jerry’s.

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