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Five career paths you could explore here in Swansea

For hundreds of students across Swansea, the time has come to make decisions about what happens next in their educational journey, whether it’s college or sixth-form, an apprenticeship or heading straight into the workplace. Each educational and training option offers young people an opportunity to gain new skills and forge an exciting and rewarding career path. Here to look at some of those career opportunities available to students across the city is Mark Jones, Principal at Gower College Swansea.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the sheer volume of decisions that need to be made after you’ve completed what was undoubtedly a busy and demanding exam season. For some of you, I imagine you’ve had your sights set on a chosen career path for a while, inspired perhaps by someone you know in a similar role or a subject you excel in. For others, this may be something you’ve never really given much thought to, and that’s OK too.

If the second option sounds more like you, there are a number of factors you should consider that could help you find a viable career option. For starters, you could look at the jobs market, assess where there are likely to be job opportunities in the future and where other industries might struggle to retain their workforce. Nursing, engineering and teaching are just some of the professions currently experiencing a shortfall of skilled workers, meaning there are a high number of job opportunities available in these sectors. Below I’ve outlined some challenging and rewarding industries you could get into right here in Swansea.

Recent research from the Royal Academy of Engineering revealed that there is a current shortfall of 1.8 million engineers across the UK, which is a great reason to consider pursuing a career in this field if you have the right transferable skills and interests. If you like the idea of combining a high earning potential with an interesting and varied workload, one of our engineering courses could be a great way to establish the fundamental skills needed to explore a range of engineering disciplines. Course participants will need to be committed to keeping up with the rapidly developing technologies being used across the sector.

Environment and Sustainability
In today’s climate, understanding the ongoing impact our actions are having on the planet has never been more important. Businesses across all sectors, as well as public bodies like councils and local governments, have all had to become more environmentally aware. The Environmental Management and Sustainability course at Gower College Swansea is designed to give students the skills to monitor, investigate and critique local and global environmental issues as well as creating sustainable ideas for the future. There are numerous university and career paths available across the industry including conservation, hazard management and marine biology.

There is currently a nationwide shortfall of thousands of nursing positions across the UK and various recruitment initiatives have been launched by the Government to plug this gap. A good stepping stone into the industry could be one of our Health and Social Care courses which cover the principles of practical caring skills and techniques. The theoretical side of the courses look at the different factors that affect health and wellbeing as well as preventative measures to avoid ill health. Future employability options also include social work, occupational therapy and midwifery.

Software developer, data analyst and information systems manager are just some of the careers you could explore across the tech industry. Students looking for an entry route into the industry can still enrol onto our Level 2 and Level 3 Information and Communication Technology courses. Topics studied will fall under three categories: practical problem solving in the digital age; living in the digital world; and the use of ICT in the digital world. Practical assessments will see students complete a substantial project involving the production of an ICT related system.

A career that lends itself to those who enjoy practical tasks, there are a number of exciting roles available across the industry which range from race car technician to classic car restorer. A passion for cars is definitely essential if you want to pursue a career in this sector, as are relevant vocational motor vehicle qualifications or an apprenticeship, both of which options are available at Gower College Swansea. For example, our Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair apprenticeships cover diagnostics and the rectification of vehicle engine faults, as well as health and safety training.

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