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#FutureOfApprenticeships: Collaboration and looking to the future

episode 6

In today’s series finale, Gavin O’Meara (CEO, FE News and FE Careers) and Suzanne Slater (Director of Operations for Apprenticeships, NCFE) co-host a discussion that looks towards the future of apprenticeships and focuses on collaboration as the key to unlocking their continued success.

Joined by Stewart Segal (Chair of Youth Employment UK) and Neil Coates (Deputy Principal, London South East Colleges), the panel explore the ways that the sector and stakeholders can come together to collaborate more effectively and the benefits that this will bring for apprenticeships, as well as current examples of where this is already being achieved. Also explored is the topic of collaboration and competition, and the merits of achieving a joined-up approach.

Feel free to join the conversation for the last time this series using #FutureOfApprenticeships on social media, or by getting in touch with us!

This series is now over! You can listen to the podcast below:

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