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#FutureOfApprenticeships: Supporting apprentices through the cost of living crisis and beyond

ncfe episode 3

In this week’s show, co-hosts Gavin O’Meara (CEO, FE News) and Michael Lemin (Head of Policy, NCFE) are joined by guests Aidan Relf (Skills Consultant) and Becci Newton (Director of Public Policy Research, Institute for Employment Studies) to discuss the impact of the cost of living crisis on the future of apprenticeships.

Our speakers look at topical issues including the national apprenticeship minimum wage, the age group of learners being impacted most by cost-of-living pressures, and what support is out there for apprentices, both now and in the future. They also discuss current employer concerns, such as whether off-the-job training has become more difficult during this period of rising costs.

Feel free to join the conversation using the #FutureOfApprenticeships hashtag or by getting in touch with us!

This series is now over! You can listen to the podcast below:

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