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Futures Hub launched to help young people prepare for life after school  

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Frog Systems has worked in partnership with youth development charity the Aldridge Foundation to create a new social mobility platform called Futures Hub.

Designed to support young people to continue their studies or step into the world of work, Futures Hub is a ‘one stop shop’ full of interviews, resources, and advice about the next steps to consider as they leave school. It provides essential insights into what it’s like to work in different industries or study at college or university.  

Opening up future opportunities

There are interviews with industry role models who young people, particularly those from a disadvantaged background, might not normally have access to. There’s also a library of resources to help with everything from C.V. writing, interview tips, to adjusting to life at university.

Shona Nichols, Aldridge Foundation Chief Executive said: “By bringing together such a variety of information, resources and signposting in one place, we aim to open young people’s eyes to the wide range of careers available to them and inspire and support them as they take their next steps beyond school and into work or further education. This easily accessible and relatable platform can help inform their individual paths to achieve their dream careers and have an equal chance a life, whatever their backgrounds and circumstances.”

Equipping young people with life skills

The Aldridge Foundation’s mission is to equip young people with transferrable employability and life skills and an enterprising and entrepreneurial mindset so they can create better life chances for themselves.

Aldridge alumni Elineth Hernandez recently joined the Aldridge Foundation team as their Campaigns Intern and has recorded her experience for the platform. She said: “The Futures Hub provides all the tools students need to begin to understand the world of work, not only by providing an overview of professional life, but also by giving young people a platform to share their own experiences with the next generation – it’s something I would have found valuable when I left school and I hope that by sharing my own experiences, I can help others.” 

Free to access

Futures Hub is free to access for any young person. The platform uses Frog Systems’ Ashia technology to present different elements of content about a particular topic all on one page, making it easier for users to find the information they need. It is one of a number of online support platforms built by Frog Systems that combine lived experience video with signposting of help and educational resources to help individuals and communities live their lives better. It will provide the Aldridge Foundation with real-time anonymised data to understand the best way to support young people in the future.

Phil Worms, CEO of Frog Systems, said: “We are delighted to have worked with the Aldridge Foundation to produce a learning platform that helps young people from all backgrounds to prepare for a world of work that is rapidly changing.”  

Visit the Futures Hub here and if you have useful advice for young people that you would like to share on the Futures Hub, please email [email protected]

To find out more about the work of the Aldridge Foundation visit

And to find out more about Frog Systems go to  

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