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Gain the Certified Outside Plant Technician Certification with CNet Training

The five-day Certified Outside Plant Technician (COPT®) program launched by CNet is a comprehensive program perfect for those with 2-3 years’ experience working in the network infrastructure sector who wish to extend their knowledge, practical hands-on skills, qualifications and certifications into deployment of fibre optic connectivity in the external environment.

Learners can take their existing network cabling knowledge and skills to the next level by gaining valuable insight into external fibre network distribution strategies, infrastructure components and installation methods. Passive Optical Networking (PON) features heavily as the primary delivery technology for fibre broadband to the home. Methods used for distribution will also feature, exploring the benefits and rationale behind the choice to distribute services underground or overhead.

The COPT® is a combined program split into 30% theory and 70% practical learning. Focused practical hands-on sessions including the implementation of in-line splicing, high fibre-count distribution, Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) cabinet installation and customer connection drops. Blow fibre practices also feature in the COPT® program.

Successful completion of the Certified Outside Plant Technician (COPT®) program provides the learner with an internationally and industry recognised Level 4 BTEC Award, official COPT® certification, use of a post nominal title and a digital badge. A digital badge can easily be shared via social media and downloaded to verify knowledge, skills and certifications gained, it therefore adds valuable credibility to individuals’ professional profiles. 

The COPT® program forms part of the globally renowned Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps technical education programs, official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications to knowledge and career progression routes throughout the industry, providing designations that have become key skills reference points that allow those holding them to clearly demonstrate their ability and experience.

Andrew StevensAndrew Stevens, CEO at CNet Training, adds;

 “The Certified Outside Plant Technician (COPT®) has been designed and launched as a result of our customer demand. Big data is only getting bigger, with the dramatic increase in smart technology devices, smart homes, smart building and cities, it’s putting a significant demand for wider network accessibility. Improvements in wireless technology and the increased deployment of wireless access points along with the rollout of small-cell technology (5G) aims to meet the growing demand for access. Underpinning all of this, as well as the UK government strategy for a ‘full fibre broadband’ access, is the need for significant growth in the national fibre optic network structure. The COPT® provides the learner with the skills and increased technical knowledge to take their existing network cabling skills to the next level by gaining valuable insight and wider understanding of fibre network complexity and external fibre network distribution strategies, infrastructure components and installations methods.” 

CNet is the global leader in designing and delivering network infrastructure and data centre education programs and has been delivering industry education since 1996. CNet is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to offer both internationally recognised qualifications and official certifications.


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