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Genius Group secures further $50M in acquisitions boosting its position as the world’s largest entrepreneur education business

Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Genius School

Adhering to its venture builder strategy, Genius Group has boosted its position as the world’s largest entrepreneur education business by securing a further $50M in acquisitions across the globe in the past three months. The group has also generated $35M in revenue and $8M in profit.

Genius Group, currently valued at $300M, is disrupting the education system by building a 21st century curriculum, faculty and campuses to deliver education globally. The group already has 1.4 million students aged between 0-85 in 200 countries.

Genius Group also owns the GeniusU edtech platform, Genius Institute and Genius School. Genius School is a global education movement founded by Roger James Hamilton and leading education entrepreneur Angela Stead.

Genius School is currently building an entrepreneurial curriculum based on offering children the chance to forge their own path in the world of work and create their own job. This new curriculum is future based and offers skills that will be needed and valued in society 5.0.

As detailed in the Schools of the Future Report1 published by the World Economic Forum,  “In the context of job disruption, demand for new skills and increased socioeconomic polarization, primary and secondary school systems have a critical role to play in preparing for the future. Education models must adapt to equip children with the skills to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world.”

The Genius School curriculum is being designed to fill this gap and will focus on offering learning by level rather than age. Each student’s educational journey will be personalised and will include project-based learning, offering students a real insight into the working world from a young age.

Utilising technology as a driving force and enabling students to learn from anywhere at any time it will create a more flexible and individually driven learning environment. With global focus this new learning pathway will help breakdown international barriers and engage children with all cultures and languages. Leadership and honing interpersonal skills will play a big part in the school and helping students to identify their strengths.

Many children experience education that is often disengaging, irrelevant or redundant, a one size fits all model. Genius School will offer child centred, personalised learning pathways for children aged 0 to 16, that ignite the genius in children, creating self-aware lifelong learners, who are our empowered future leaders.

Genius Group’s 2020 vision is becoming a reality as via these acquisitions a global faculty is being built by assembling thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Genius Group is also partnering with educational locations and individual teachers who can provide their courses and mentoring on GeniusU as part of the new Genius School curriculum.

The full genius curriculum will be launched in 2021 and Genius Group aim to complete this year with over 1.5 million students.



Genius School launch Young Entrepreneur Academy via digital education platform GeniusU 

14-year-old wins a place on @RogerHamilton’s prestigious @GeniusUsocial’s Young Entrepreneur Academy with Prize-Winning Social Enterprise Tackling Climate Change 

On a mission against climate change, Mehul Kumut established a non-profit organisation at the age of 14, after being concerned at seeing the lakes run dry every other year. He established a recycling business creating products out of wastepaper and planting trees with the proceeds.

Promoted through social media, he now has a team of 20, and is working on his next project involving hydroponic farming. Thanks to his incredible initiative, Mehul has won a place on the prestigious Young Entrepreneur Academy, a 4-week e-learning summer camp that teaches students entrepreneurial and leadership skills. 

Mehul’s story:

“I’ve always enjoyed the monsoon season. Being born in the city of lakes, watching the sight of the water is always exciting, but it was disheartening to see the lakes go dry every other year and I wanted to do something about it. I made it my mission to spread awareness about climate change, increase green cover and bring my community together. I developed the idea of ‘Kritaash’ which literally translates to ‘Hope for a better future’.

“Joined by two friends, we first realised we needed investment. We started off by giving a 200 rupees membership card to our mates who were interested in joining the organisation. Our presentations in schools [Mehul attends the Study Senior Secondary School, Badi, Udaipur, Rajasthan] and the marketing on Instagram attracted more members. Once we had a team, we started collecting wastepaper, recycled it into paper bags, and also made printed bookmarks to maximise profits. As we publicised through our Instagram page, school presentations and word of mouth, we started getting orders for birthday party invitation cards and personalised bags. Being a non-profit, the proceeds were used to plant more trees in the city.

“I heard about the Young Entrepreneurs Programme through Facebook. When I found out I’d won, I was taken aback by the news. I’m thrilled at this opportunity to be mentored by some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.”

World renowned futurist, New York Times bestselling author and social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton is the founder and CEO of Genius School

Roger will be taking the Monday mentor sessions personally, inspiring the children to become entrepreneurial and business minded themselves. He says: 

“With students from over 30 countries joining us, it’s a truly global program to grow the changemakers of the next generation. Plus, we have $10,000 in funding for the best plans at the end of the four weeks.”

Running for 4 weeks from 20th July – 14th August 2020, the Young Entrepreneur Academy is offered from Genius School via their digital education platform GeniusU.

Genius school is a child centred approach to education, creating self-aware lifelong learners and effective future leaders

About GeniusU: GeniusU is an edtech platform that delivers a full entrepreneur education system to school age children and adults. Genius Group is the umbrella company for Entrepreneurs Institute, Influex, Passion Test, SuperCamp and Genius School. Genius Group is launching Genius School in September 2021 and is looking to be a pioneer in the education revolution. The programme has already proven to be in high demand, with over 1.2 million students across 265 cities. The Genius Group curriculum includes both a core curriculum and accredited curriculum, ranging from school camps and programmes through to entrepreneur accelerators, events and online courses. Courses and content are charged for in a variety of ways, from company sponsored camps for primary and secondary school students through to company funded courses, training, retreats and accelerators from start-ups to large corporations.

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