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Glasgow Clyde College is in the fast lane for the future with EV technology in automotive courses

  • As more EVs take to the roads, a new electric vehicle (EV) charging point has been added to GCC’s automotive engineering workshops.
  • The introduction of the EV charging point aims to prepare students for a greener future in the world of automotive engineering
  • Initiative is part of GCC’s commitment to sustainability and striving for a more eco-friendly future. 

Glasgow Clyde College has added a new electric vehicle charging point to its automotive engineering workshops, aiming to prepare students for the world of work with sustainable technology. 

Working towards a greener future, the addition of the EV charging point aims to provide students with fresh knowledge and hands-on experience in dealing with electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular with drivers. 

With more and more electric vehicles set to be common in garages and automotive centres across the country, it is hoped that the EV charging points will enable students to be trained in the latest tech. This hands-on experience will provide a greater understanding of electric vehicles allowing students to transition smoothly to the workplace.

The initiative comes as GCC continues to strengthen its existing sustainability credentials across its three campuses, including its contribution to reduce the amount of carbon emissions found in cars used on its automotive courses. The college itself has pledged to reduce its own carbon footprint and is taking measures to achieve the emission of net zero greenhouse gases.

Curriculum manager for electric and electronic engineering for the college, Barry Faichnie, said:

“We’re really excited to introduce electric charging points in our workshops. They offer students invaluable, practical exposure to electric vehicle technology, which is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry.

“By equipping students with skills and knowledge in the latest technology, we’re confident that we’re helping them to be more competitive in the job market after qualifying. It’s also important to us that we continue to strive to make positive changes in the eco space, both as part of our commercial courses but also across the college as a whole.” 

With the introduction of initiatives such as the low emission zones (LEZs) in Glasgow in June 2023, Glasgow Clyde College is ensuring that students entering the workplace will be prepared to deal with the transition to more eco-friendly transport options. 

To find out more about Glasgow Clyde College’s Electric Vehicle Charging course, please visit here.

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