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Glenda Quintini on the future of careers advise & guidance and skills

Glenda Quintini

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE News and FE Careers, chats to Glenda Quintini, Senior Economist, OECD, about the future of careers advise & guidance and the collaboration needed to ensure students are being educated on relevant skills for the labour market.

Many adults need to reskill and upskill so careers advise & guidance is especially important for adult learners.

Another important element of careers advise & guidance is raising awareness of where shortages might be and where emerging occupation are within the labour market.

Glenda Quintini also touches upon the importance of lifelong learning and collaboration between governments, businesses, training providers, etc. How can this be used to identify different national and international needs?

Glenda also gives real life examples of successful collaborations.

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