How schools and local authorities access and use the S2S secure data transfer system.


School to school (S2S) guide for schools

Ref: DfE-00155-2019PDF, 747KB, 22 pages

School to school (S2S) guide for local authorities

Ref: DfE-00154-2019PDF, 557KB, 26 pages

S2S ULN service: user guide

Ref: DFE-00205-2016PDF, 822KB, 13 pages

Encrypting data you wish to send using WinZip

PDF, 259KB, 2 pages


Guidance on how to use the S2S secure data transfer system to send pupil data using the common transfer file to schools and local authorities.

The guides cover:

  • encrypting data
  • file formats and naming conventions
  • uploading and downloading files
  • pupil transfers
  • using the unique learner number link to access the learning records service

Published 10 December 2013
Last updated 26 July 2019 + show all updates

  1. Updated guidance for schools and LAs to include information on using DfE sign-in to access S2S.
  2. Updated S2S ULN service guide with warnings about sending unsecured, personal information.
  3. Updated URLs, screenshots and acronyms in ‘S2S: guide for schools’ and ‘S2S: guide for local authorities’.
  4. First published.