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Harrogate College paves the way for climate discussions

Harrogate College (@HarrogateColl) is consolidating its commitment to environmental sustainability by working with Zero Carbon Harrogate (@ZeroCHarrogate) to run regular climate cafés. 

The college is prioritising its green agenda, and has pledged to become a net zero carbon institution. The virtual climate cafés will create a simple, empathetic online space for people to express their fears and uncertainties about climate change.

Danny Wild, Principal at Harrogate College, said:

“As our district leads the way in becoming carbon negative, we are working to change the college’s physical, cultural and behavioural strands to be more green and sustainable.

“Our role in the district is to serve our locality and provide the skills needed for the future. We’re working closely with Harrogate Borough Council and Harrogate Climate Coalition among others, to ensure we’re doing our bit to make an impact with our staff, students and wider community. 

“We have our own sustainability committee to examine our practices and future plans, and this partnership with Zero Carbon Harrogate will really help us get the community talking about climate change.”

The partnership follows Harrogate College’s award from Modeshift STARS for its commitment to sustainable and active travel.

The first climate café is taking place on 27 May between 4pm and 5pm. 

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