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Inspyro VR and AR content on the ClassVR LGfL port

We are pleased to announce as part of our strategic partnership with Avantis to accelerate Virtual and Augmented Reality learning across nearly 3,000 schools in the UK, that all of our Award winning Inspyro VR and AR content is now live on the ClassVR LGfL portal.

The Virtual reality experiences available range from the trenches of World War 1, to a sand encrusted Egyptian tomb to a snow-covered barracks on Hadrian’s Wall, all of our Virtual reality and Augmented reality content has been remastered by Inspyro to deliver a smooth experience using the Class VR headsets.

Hannah Davis, Head of Educational services at Avantis share her excitement about the partenship “We’re excited to make Inspyro apps available to all our schools in the LGfL Community. The ActiveLens apps help place history in context, and the range of immersive VR experiences add an interactive dimension. Making them available via ClassVR Portal has made it so easy for LGfL schools to launch specific apps and manage these fantastic resources in the classroom.

Controls within the application are very easy to master – you can walk around the VR experiences by clicking the select button on the left-hand side of the headset and interact with objects by looking at them until the loading circle fills up.  To exit the application, you will need to use the ‘head shake’ gesture, rather than the back button.

The ActiveLens AR worksheets will be needed to use the AR tracks; just look at the pages and watch the source materials come alive!

Phil Birchinall , Managing Director of Inspyro talks about the latest update: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have our content available on ClassVR through the LGFL portal. There is no doubt that the combination of their leading headset with classroom management system delivering the LGfL / Inspyro resources is a step change in how schools access and use VR and AR content. We’re really looking forward to seeing how schools will use and adapt the resources for themselves.”

All of the Inspyro content is now live on the Class VR portal, the content in full is:

  • Maya ActiveLens
  • Archaeology ActiveLens
  • Prehistoric Britain ActiveLens
  • WW1 ActiveLens
  • Ancient Egypt ActiveLens
  • The Romans ActiveLens
  • Sigurd and the Dragon ActiveLens
  • The Sigurd and the Dragon VR
  • Space Adventures VR
  • Ancient Egypt VR
  • WW1 Trenches VR
  • Cold War Bunker VR

Don’t forget to keep checking on our latest VR/AR news with our LGfL TV  dedicated VR/AR channel.

Bob Usher​ Content Manager for LGfL shares why the the new channel is so vital “The new AR VR Channel on LGfL TV offers a unique insight into the latest developments in both Augmented and Virtual Reality from those leading the development within the schools sector. The future of AR and VR is in fact a mixture of both realities and the opportunities for collaboration within a ‘mixed reality’ are becoming very real for both teachers and leaners”. 

If you have any questions regarding using the Inspyro content, or have any questions about your ClassVR kit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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