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International business students at Bath College head to Prague to experience life working abroad

Students studying international business had the chance to put their skills into practice, helping companies with market research, events assistance and online communication in Prague for a month.
Six Level 3 students were chosen for the trip, organised by REY Europe as part of the Erasmus scheme, set up to support and fund young people who want to experience what it’s like to live and work abroad.
Students had the opportunity to work at the following places: Radio Prague, Ivana Rosova Fashion Group, Albinus Grammar, the Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute, and the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.
Second year student Charles Hickman, from Bath, is finishing his two-year course at Bath College this summer and has a place to study marketing management at Manchester Metropolitan University.
He was chosen to work for the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and had the chance to attend a showcase at the British embassy in Prague.
Charles, 19, said: “The showcase was a chance for Czech distributors to meet hair, beauty and care UK businesses. The BCC had to represent the businesses who didn’t attend in person but sent over some samples and information.
“One of my internship roles was to represent these brands and attract attention from the Czech companies. The building was beautiful and I enjoyed having to use my sales skills while working among a team of brilliant people.”
Students also had the chance to travel around Prague and take part in activities, including a visit to the zoo, paddle boats on the river and shopping.
International business students Anika Chowdhury and James Coombs spent their time in Prague working for award-winning fashion designer Ivana Rosova.
Anika said: “The highlight of my placement was creating the social media calendar for Ivanna and also when I was added as admin to the pages, as this made me feel like she valued my opinion which I really appreciated.
“I’m used to going on social media for my own personal use, but I didn’t realise that a lot of market research goes on behind each and every post that you see from a business.
“I learnt that working for someone who is lovely (and doing something you enjoy) really makes a difference, and it has made me look forward to working a lot more. I plan on travelling a lot more and going to university.”
James said: “Prague is such a beautiful city, with many activities and things to do. I enjoyed being able to catch a tram and going to any location in under 15 minutes. In the next few years I want to travel more and visit cities in Europe and America, especially Norway, Berlin and Los Angeles.”

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