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International education provider expands presence with two new offices

#Nisai2030 in Vietnam: Nisai Indochina

In line with the launch of Nisai Indochina, Nisai Group is pleased to announce the opening of two Nisai offices in Vietnam, making Vietnam become the regional headquarters of Nisai Indochina.

Following the successful opening of offices in Japan and Brunei, the decision to launch offices in Vietnam is a progressive step in Nisai’s global strategy in Asia continuing their quest to deliver quality education to students worldwide.

Minh Nguyen, Regional Manager of Nisai Indochina, commented:

“We see a growing demand in the Indochina region for international education, so it was a rational step to launch Nisai Indochina. The unveiling of the two offices in Vietnam is another milestone of Nisai Group’s commitment to bringing quality education to students worldwide.

“This is also in line with our #Nisai2030 vision, in which we believe sustainable development begins with education. Through technology and quality assured education, we hope to become a significant contributor to transforming the educational systems of the countries in the region to help them to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. With that mission in mind, we don’t plan to do this on a small scale.”

Dhruv Patel, Chief Executive of Nisai Group, said:

“Nisai Indochina is instrumental for the growth of our international business. In line with our #Nisai2030 vision, we believe education is the key to achieving the wider Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Through the use of technology and 21st century pedagogy, we inspire our students to become confident, lifelong learners.”

The world is fast moving towards Industry 4.0, but countries in the Indochina region are among those that are falling behind. One of the major challenges that these countries are facing include the lack of efficient education systems.

Therefore, with innovative technology and quality assured education, Nisai Indochina is dedicated to contributing to educational reforms in the region to equip students with a lifelong learning spirit for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Nisai Global School

The team in Vietnam will lead an ambitious and futuristic venture for Nisai Global School, the first fully interactive online British secondary school in the Indochina region. Nisai Global School aims to deliver quality assured home education for pupils aged 11-19 in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

The curriculum will be adapted from the Cambridge International curriculum, starting with Lower Secondary leading to Cambridge IGCSE and AS/A Level qualifications.

Nisai Global School welcomes talented students, homeschoolers, students in remote areas wanting an international education, and top performers in sports and the arts, regardless of their location in Indochina. Nisai Global School is set to open its first school year in September 2020, primarily for students in Years 9 to 12, but will eventually accept students from Year 7 to Year 13.

Besides Nisai Global School, Nisai Indochina will continue to offer online learning solutions for schools in the region. This can range from structured booster courses in English and Math, career-related and project-based courses dedicated to investigating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, to a comprehensive Cambridge programme fully taught by our qualified teachers in the UK.

With pathways to UK-accredited qualifications from NOCN, an Ofqual regulated awarding organization, Nisai Indochina also aims to work collaboratively with mission-aligned organizations to provide professional and vocational courses, playing an important role in enhancing the human capital of countries in the region to bring it more in line with current industry demands.

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