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ISA Training Pioneers Virtual Reality Training for Hairdressing Apprentices in Wales

ISA Training, a leading apprenticeship provider in Wales, is breaking new ground by becoming the first to offer training through virtual reality (VR).

Set to launch in August 2023, this innovative initiative in partnership with CEMET promises to revolutionise the teaching and learning experience for hairdressing apprentices.

Virtual reality will be integrated into the salon environment, providing learners with a risk-free and sustainable platform to master their skills. By offering VR technology, ISA Training aims to enhance the learning experience for apprentices, allowing them to develop hair colouring techniques and improve without potential damage to clients’ hair or wastage of chemical products.

The collaboration with CEMET, known for its expertise in cutting-edge technology such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This partnership evolved through the dedicated efforts of ISA Training’s Digital Development Officer, Daniel Sims, who identified CEMET’s commitment to supporting Welsh SMEs through innovative technologies.

“ISA Training is proud to be at the forefront of incorporating emerging technologies into education,” says Deborah Birkett, the Curriculum Development Manager at ISA Training. “By leveraging the power of virtual reality, we are providing our apprentices with an unparalleled learning experience in a safe and interactive environment, while fostering their curiosity and interest in emerging technologies.”

The VR resource, following comprehensive testing to ensure alignment with learning objectives, will be accessible to all hairdressing apprentices enrolling with ISA Training over the next six months and beyond.

“Embracing technology in education is a natural progression in response to generational shifts in learning expectations,” adds Birkett. “Our commitment to integrating technology aligns perfectly with the digital 2030 strategy, ensuring our apprentices develop essential digital competencies throughout their educational journey.”

ISA Training is part of the Educ8 Training Group.

For more information on ISA Training and its innovative VR program, visit ISA Training.

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