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Jisc launches partnership to inspire young people into STEM

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We are keen to grow interest in STEM generally, but we’re particularly interested in helping to close the gap for women and other minority groups working within IT.

STEM Ambassadors, part of STEM Learning, have a vision to achieve a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK, through working with individuals and employers like Jisc.

The volunteer ambassadors themselves come from a wide range of STEM-related jobs and disciplines. They offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate their value in people’s lives.

Paul Feldman, chief executive at Jisc said:

“We are excited to be working with the STEM Ambassadors programme and the benefits this brings for both of our organisations.

“We want our staff to be able to volunteer for opportunities that share their expertise beyond our member institutions. We also want to support work with schools and colleges in deprived areas, to inspire girls and underrepresented groups into a STEM course and career.”

Ajay Sharman, STEM Ambassadors’ regional network lead, said:

“It’s really good to have an education technology specialist on board, and it’s particularly good to be partnering with Jisc, an organisation whose services benefit young people and learners across the UK.

STEM Ambassadors bring real-life industry experience into context and enrich young people’s knowledge of the breadth of STEM careers and opportunities available. As professionals and specialists in their field, STEM Ambassadors inspire teachers and students by enriching teaching and learning with current and cutting edge STEM contexts from the workplace.

“Jisc employ many women in technical roles across the organisation, which will be great for young people to see and learn from – STEM is for everyone.”

About STEM Learning

STEM Learning’s vision is a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.

STEM Learning leads STEM Ambassadors and UK-wide programme of STEM clubs, as well as supporting teachers, technicians and others working with young people on STEM by providing high quality professional development and access to free resources.

More than 30,000 STEM Ambassadors from 2,500 employers give their expertise to inspire young people, teachers, families and communities about STEM subjects and careers. STEM Ambassadors are accessed by over 90% of UK secondary schools every year.

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