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Research Further: NCFE and AoC announce research initiative partnership to fund 10 FE scholars

#ResearchFurther: Speaking exclusively to FE News at #AoCConf2021, Jansev Jamal explained that @NCFE and @AoC_info have formed a research partnership initiative to fund up to ten FE scholars to do either an MPhil or a PHD to help increase the knowledge base in the FE Sector:

Research Further: AoC and NCFE are tackling the lack of data and evidence in FE 

20th Oct 2021: As the national voice for further education, sixth form, tertiary and specialist colleges in England, the Association of Colleges (@AoC_info) has launched the AoC Research Unit – a new hub that will coordinate, commission and utilise high quality research to support informed post-16 teaching practice and policy development at scale.

While research and evidence have always been at the heart of AoC’s work, the unit will provide a space to focus and bring together this work and help fill crucial gaps in evidence that exist in FE.

Lack of data and evidence in FE being tackled head on by AoC and NCFE in landmark new projects 

Today, in the middle of Colleges Week, AoC and NCFE join up to launch the unit’s first landmark project – Research Further.

The first of its kind project will bring together practitioners, experts and sector leaders, and support college practitioners to carry out research and fill in evidence gaps.

To support, drive and encourage more high-quality FE-centred research that can influence policy, implementation and practice, Research Further will commission a group of FE practitioners to undertake a sponsored Masters or PhD level programme.

Successful FE practitioners will be funded this year to undertake post-graduate research in an area where evidence is currently lacking. The scholars’ work will be tracked through a webinar series hosted by AoC and NCFE, and new knowledge on pedagogy or policy will be shared with the sector through think-pieces, reports, articles and blogs.

AoC’s Senior Research Policy Manager (Research and Evidence), Julia Belgutay said:

“The further education sector transforms the lives of millions of young people and adults every year. It undertakes some of the most innovative teaching and learning collaborations and techniques in the education world.

“However, it’s historically had a limited amount of research to tap into when we consider reports, data and general knowledge around FE and skills.

“Research Further, a truly ground-breaking collaboration between AoC and NCFE, will support practitioners from the chalkface, those who know the sector best, in helping fill this gap and ultimately improve practice and the sector as a whole.”

David Gallagher 100x100

David Gallagher, chief executive of NCFE, said:

“It’s vital that as a sector we have access to deep insight to make evidence-based decisions and shape smarter solutions around learners’ needs.

“Through high-quality data, we can identify gaps and collaborate to tackle the changes that are needed within the education eco-system.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with AoC on this initiative, powering impact-focused research that will drive excellence and innovation in FE, and make the greatest possible positive difference to learners’ lives.” 

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