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Language app adds #AI to help learners master grammar

Nailing grammar is essential when learning a language – but for most learners, rules are easily forgotten and hard to put into practice. In a world-first for language learning apps, Busuu, the world’s largest language learning community, has added a new AI-powered feature to its English, German and Spanish courses for iOS users. With Busuu’s new Grammar Review feature, language learners can now benefit from a grammar training experience that’s so personalised, it’s like having a private tutor. 

From differing genders to agreements and formalities, grammar is often considered the toughest part of learning a language. Busuu’s Grammar Review makes it easier to remember tricky grammar rules through an interactive and personalised learning experience. Using a machine-learning algorithm, created by Busuu’s Data Science team, the chances of forgetting pre-learned content are lowered as learners are actively reminded of topics they would usually forget before the chance arises. The more a learner uses Grammar Review, the more the algorithm is trained to learn about individual pain points, and the more effective it becomes.

With an array of language learning apps available on the market, Busuu is the first and only app that teaches grammar with AI, turning previously dull and tiresome experiences with old school grammar books into something fun and engaging. This development of the Grammar Review app not only helps to reinforce grammar into a learner’s long-term memory, but underpins Busuu’s aim to create a highly-personalised and effective approach to language learning for each individual learner.

Kirsten Campbell-Howes, Head of Education at Busuu, comments:

“One of the biggest barriers faced by learners when it comes to mastering a language is grammar. Particularly for native English speakers, genders, forms, cases and moods within European languages can often seem like alien concepts. But with the right approach, learners can understand and remember them.”

“Grammar Review is a fantastic tool to help learners overcome these challenges, by personalising grammar tuition to each individual learner. Every learner is unique and with machine learning, we’re getting rid of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that most language courses offer. We’re incredibly excited to see how learners progress through our courses with the help of this feature.”

Bernhard Niesner, Co-Founder and CEO of Busuu, comments:

“Every minute, our machine learning algorithms are demystifying the needs of millions of language learners across the globe, helping make Busuu one of the most effective tools in language learning. We’re committed to building a language learning app so effective that it rivals immersion in another country, and AI will continue to play an important role in our approach. When it comes to grammar, we’re proud to offer the world’s first AI-powered grammar training tool within a language app. Without grammar, a language app cannot make promises of fluency, let alone learning to function in another language with confidence.”

Grammar Review is currently available on Busuu’s iOS app, within its English, German and Spanish courses. The feature will be expanded to Busuu’s other language courses and its Android app in the coming months.

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