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Leading Recruiter Shares Success of Apprentice Turned Senior Manager

As the nation celebrates National Apprenticeship Week (5th – 11th February 2024), Gi Group, a leading recruitment and HR solutions provider with branches across the UK, is shining a spotlight on the transformative impact which apprenticeships can have on careers and workforce development.

Apprenticeships date back to as early as the 1500s, but only recently has there been a resurgence in the number of people opting to take this career route.

Serving as a vital entryway for over 16s to gain practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and real-world industry experience, Gi Group recognises the role apprenticeships play in empowering individuals to build successful and fruitful careers.

One standout success story from Gi Group is Dionne Fox, who began her professional career in recruitment at the age of 19 while simultaneously taking on a Level 2 Administration Apprenticeship alongside her role as a Resource Management Specialist at Gi Group’s Coventry branch.

Dionne’s story underscores the opportunities apprenticeships provide for upskilling and progressing into more specialised roles.

Since completing her Level 2, Dionne has achieved a Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship in an impressive 18 months.

Now, after nine years of dedicated service, Dionne holds the position of Senior Business Manager, at just 28 years old, overseeing the operations in Coventry and Bristol. Her progression over the years echoes the success of Gi Group’s approach to nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities.

Dionne commented:

“I believe in continuous improvement and self-development. Apprenticeships offer you the chance to think outside of your day-to-day role and develop skills and knowledge that can help you flourish. My personal experience with apprenticeships has been very positive and it’s enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of leadership within one of the largest recruitment and HR businesses in the UK.”

When asked about advice for aspiring apprentices, Dionne emphasised the importance of considering the time investment.

Dionne added:

“If you’re able and willing to invest the time in learning, apprenticeships can be very rewarding both personally and professionally.”

As well as encouraging apprenticeships within the business, Gi Group is proud to have delivered quality Apprenticeship programmes for more than 10 years for its clients across a broad cross-section of industries.

The business also holds the title of a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, allowing its dedicated team to deliver Apprenticeship programmes up and down the country.

Gi Group UK is headquartered in Chesterfield in the Midlands. The business employs close to 500 people and in 2024 is proud to serve over 1500 clients from 85 locations (24 branches and 61 sites). Gi Group UK is committed to contributing to the evolution of the labour market and to the creation of personal and social value for both employers and candidates alike.

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