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learndirect Prevents UCAS Deadline Day Panic by Offering Alternative Solutions

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With university hopefuls up and down the country aiming to get their UCAS applications in by January 31st, learndirect has a range of options for those who miss the deadline or decide to go down a different route.

Every year, UCAS processes close to 3 million applications from around 700,000 people in the UK hoping to get a university place.

Such is the competitiveness of getting a spot, last summer experienced a 2.6% drop in UK students getting accepted by their first choice university.

Around this time of year, millions of people worry about the looming deadline but at learndirect, learners don’t have to wait, they can decide when to start and what direction they want to go in.

The education provider gears itself towards providing a platform that works for learners, so they don’t have to align to the system’s traditions but rather take control of their own path.

learndirect is offering students an opportunity to get a degree that can be completed from home and is at a fraction of the cost of going to university in the traditional way.

The UK’s leading online education provider has an online degree pathway programme in an array of subjects, from law to psychology, giving people an opportunity to complete Year 1 and Year 2 before progressing on to their third year with one of learndirect’s partnered universities.

Alternatively, for those who believe that university isn’t for them, learndirect provides a multitude of qualifications that are geared towards success across various industries, including health and fitness, teaching, animal care, management and more.

Wayne Janse van Rensburg, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at learndirect, said:

“At this time of year, students up and down the country will be putting a lot of pressure on themselves to get into the university of their choice, but the innovative way that learndirect operates means that they don’t have to go through the anxiety-inducing process. What we’ve created and fostered is an environment where our courses work for them, creating the perfect learner lifestyle. Our online alternative to traditional university removes the costs associated with uprooting for on-campus study. Plus, students won’t be saddled with rising tuition fees, nor will they have to be restricted to timetabled learning.

“As well as offering a new way of getting a degree, we’re also here for those who need the entry qualifications to get into university or want to get qualified for their career without the need for a degree. By offering a breadth of qualifications across multiple disciplines, we cater to all learners of varying motivations and goals.”

Such is the diverse portfolio of online courses available, a person without any qualifications could theoretically go from GCSEs up to a degree, all from home and all with learndirect.

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