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London Mayor finds that a fifth of schools could flood – Comment

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Following the news that a fifth of London’s schools are now susceptible to flooding, according to the London mayor’s office, Simon Carter, Director at RM, explains the impact this could have on an education sector already in flux – and what educators can do to ready themselves for the impact of future weather events.


Simon Carter, Director at RM:

“It’s been a challenging two years for schools in England, so reports that a fifth of London’s schools are susceptible to flooding as a result of the climate crisis will do little to ease the pressures they’re already facing. Where snow days and heatwaves were once thought of as one-off, freak weather gift for pupils, the latest figures published by the London mayor’s office demonstrate just how catastrophic weather conditions could be for schools without a continuity plan in place.

“London’s schools are only just recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Forced to work and learn remotely almost overnight, our teachers rose to the challenge and established a never-before-seen remote learning offering in a matter of weeks – all to make sure children weren’t left without schoolwork whilst unable to access their classroom. With that in mind, schools should be readying themselves for a more permanent capability to provide hybrid learning at short notice to ensure education is a mainstay regardless of the environmental and health challenges facing your school – building on the investment in devices, software, training and – not to be under-stated – the confidence gained over the last two years.

“With the coronavirus pandemic not yet behind us, and fresh challenges ahead, education-technology will be crucial to combatting the catastrophic events facing schools and businesses in the near future. But with an effective continuity plan in place, that builds on the good work done in lockdown to implement hybrid learning, schools can rest easy that their pupils and staff can work and learn effectively whatever the circumstances.”

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