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NEOMA Business School launches new coding school

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@NEOMAbs Business School launches new coding school

Coding is a new professional skill that is essential in a digital world. Faced with this fact, NEOMA Business School in France have launched their brand-new coding school.

Available from February 1st, students and graduates of the business school can now self-train in web coding at their own pace and according to their needs.

 “The objective of this platform is not to train IT development specialists, but to provide students with the fundamentals of coding. This will allow them to exchange more easily with web experts, preparing them for a digitally professional environment,” says Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School.

The program consists of a set of advanced tools to facilitate the learning of code. This includes a database of tutorials and web resources, thematic conferences, and mixed coaching from professors, professionals, and students.

Designed so that each user can learn alone or with the help of others, students can receive advice from other users and/or offer help, according to their own skills, and can therefore be both a learner and a trainer.

With modules being taught on Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, Ajax and MySQL, ultimately students will be able to acquire a broad set of coding skills.

“Students can now learn how to create a website or an application, and how to develop calculation tools in finance. Those supported in our start-up incubators will also be able to create a digital model of their project on the platform,” explains Denis Gallot, Director of the Rouen Campus and Startup Lab.

With more than 25 languages offered on the digital platform, with other languages being added as and when needed, the coding school is also truly inclusive of all backgrounds and nationalities.

The new coding school highlights NEOMA’s continuous approach of innovation and the future of business, and as technology develops at a rapid pace, students from the business school will continue to be one step ahead.

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